All Through the Ages: Artists Rendition of the Nativity


Giotto, 1305

I found this wonderful compilation of the paintings by the masters depicting the birth of the Savior and the Nativity story at  I reformatted the set up to be more CM Picture Study friendly.  It is so interesting to look at how they have chosen to show the birth of Jesus down through the centuries.


Peter Paul Rubens, 1634

I made it into a PDF that is printable with the picture on the front and the information about it on the back.  You may choose to not put the discussion points/comments on the back…that is okay.  Some of them made me raise my eyebrows and I would not choose to discuss this with the kids anyway, even if it is part of history.  LOL  That is why I formatted it like this.  Each picture should have the title and the artist on the same page.


Gerard van Honthorst, 1622

Next year I would like to string a little clothesline type of sorts across my wall.  I want to print these out and using clips, I’d like to hang these up as we go through our Advent.  It seems like it would be pretty cool to see these all the time during the Christmas season.

Click for the The Birth of Jesus Christ – Art Masters PDF. 



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