Fun Christmas Printables


It’s that time of the  year again… I got an email this morning, and it was full of some fun things for Christmas…(since none of us have anything else to do but look for more things to do. LOL)  This email is a calendar with over 25 posts about Christmas school activities, crafts, games, nativities, book lists, movies,  etc.  You can see it here.

Erica from Confessions of a Homeschool Mom put in a Christmas packet.  This matches the preschool activities that we are already doing from Letter of the Week, so I printed it out and we are having fun. You can get that one here.  It has the puzzles, numbers, letter activities, and other things that are in Erica’s preschool curriculum.  Which means that they are fun and my kids love them.

Some other ones that were fun included:  These are cute little movement cards that wonderful for wiggly little bodies during the holidays or when you’re stuck in the house. Even my older kids enjoy the movements.  And these ones are so cute…   This should take you to her pinterest board where she has links to lots of stuff! This has links to many blogs about fun Christmas books to read and share.

For some Gingerbread Boy games, check out these:  – print out the gingerbread boy, cut apart the cards, grab some pompom balls and have fun.   This game needs a dice (die, I know) and some crayons.  Take turns rolling and coloring.  The first one to fill it in wins.

Simple, different, and fun.  Now I’m off to print and play!

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