I love watching the kids REALLY play!

A bit of space, some imagination, and Nature.  That’s all it takes.

My kids LOVE to go outside and make up stories, act out stories they’ve read, and create their own little spaces.

One day when they were playing pioneer (Laura and Mary, perhaps?)  this is what I found when I went to call them in:

They were having Thanksgiving dinner, which was fun, but what I appreciate about this activity is that they REALLY pay attention to detail.  Look how pretty this is (click on the picture):

This will translate over into her attention to detail when she is doing her school work, Personal Progress, and even when she is a wife, mother, Relief Society sister, and hosting her real dinners and parties for families, friends and neighbors.

Isn’t playing fun???


2 thoughts on “I love watching the kids REALLY play!

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    That plate is a work of art — presentation is everything! In food, lessons, etc. Great post. = ) Your children are obviously learning much.

  2. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    I thought I might amend my comment just a little – presentation does go a long way. It isn’t everything of course. It struck me that a well presented lesson must have substance and truth – not just eye appeal. But think how Satan does these days — presentation, presentation, presentation. Evil made to look desirable and even good. How important is it to make truly good things appear desirable and beautiful. Faith, hope, and charity for instance, are best presented in actions!


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