The Big Family Project

As I mentioned in the previous post, 3 of our 4 girls were not feeling well when Grandpa and Grandma were visiting.  It made JitterBug feel so lonely – one night we discussed her wants from an American Girl catalog while saying good night.  I mentioned that we would not be spending money on a bed, but maybe we could come up with something.

I realized that I had everything necessary to do this bed-building project (including Grandpa)!  So in the morning I mentioned it to him.  I thought that we could use my scrap 1×12 pieces and somehow screw them together to create a bed.  And, thanks to the generous donation of fabric when Grandma moved, I even had almost everything for making bedding.

Grandpa and JitterBug spent a day measuring and sawing the boards.  They cut three pieces per bed, and using angle brackets screwed to the bottom of the bed, screwed the ends together to make beds.  Here is a picture of them with Grandpa and the beds:

HorseyBug’s doll was so excited about her bed she celebrated:

That afternoon when Dad (Mr.Bug) got home, they went outside and painted the beds:

The next morning, the girls and I chose the fabrics for the bedding.

Grandma cut out and made the bedding.  And not just a blanket and pillow – but a mattress and at least two throw pillows for each bed.

Here’s the girls with their babies and new beds:

It was a lot of fun – and still brings me a happy smile when I see them playing with them.


2 thoughts on “The Big Family Project

  1. Connie

    That is so cool! Just think, you got four beds for next to nothing and they are cool looking beds at that. The girls will treasure them for a long time because they were involved in the making of them! And customized beds at that!


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