Nature Study, Part 4: Journaling the Experiences

So now that you have made your list of goals and gotten started on implementing them in your chosen space, you need to get started on the journaling aspect of nature study.  These were taken from our Nature Journals based on last years entries prior to our recent move.  These were on the deck and used our simple additions to create spontaneous Nature Study moments.  My goal in Nature Study is NOT to create fabulous prodigy artists, but to have them learn to LOOK at their surroundings and be observant.

This is our journal entry of the imaptiens on the deck.

We set up a hummingbird feeder and had many visitors.  Here is how the girls journaled that experience while sitting at the kitchen table:

There is always one really possessive bird in that bunch!  He will try to drive everyone else away – you can actually hear the vrooom of his swiftly diving wings as he is doing that.  They become so used to you on the other side of the window or door that you see them very closely.  One day I was sitting on the bench outside the door and the birds flew within 12 inches of my head.  I’m glad that they missed my forehead, LOL.

Here is one of the first entries the girls made:

Grandpa caught this amazing moth and brought it to the girls to observe and draw.   It was in a container while they drew it.

These are opportunities that I must now seek out since we moved.  Instead of being home and taking advantage of the moments, I have to plan them.  Here are some sketches we did out on the trail.  The plants are the easiest to do since they are generally not walking, flying or slithering around. 😉

They turned out well that week. However,  the next few entries look not so nice – lots of distractions and they were not focusing.  It is hard to do serious Nature Study on the trail with lots of small children, a busy trail, and different speeds of drawing.

Next week, I will share how I tweaked our Nature Study and how it has become our favorite subject. 

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