Grandpa and Grandma Come for a Visit and…

3 of our 4 girls were sick.  2 of them really sick.

Poor JuneBug was sick for 10 days with a STAPH infection in her throat.  YIKES!!!  That one was scary – requiring antibiotics, new toothbrushes, bleaching all the utensils and cups, and a lot of avoiding kisses and sneezes.  The poor thing didn’t talk for 10 days.

Then HorseyBug got congestion despite our attempts to prevent it and she was on antibiotics – she is still congested but not coughing up copious amounts of green stuff.  Yuck!

BittyBug was getting a bit of a sore throat and had a runny nose.

They all slept(?) upstairs at night in the living room with a diffuser with essential oils in it running all night so they could breathe.  I spent a fair amount of time with them on the couch, taking temperatures, holding poor sad little girls, and trying to get some sleep somehow!

JitterBug was lonely.

She was alone in the room downstairs – no one felt like playing or running around.  She couldn’t even talk to us without a sick someone needing attention.  Sigh.  She was feeling pretty sad about this one night when I was tucking her in (well, as much as you “tuck in” a 12 year old girl, lol) and she started telling me that she REALLY wanted a bed for her American girl doll…which I knew and hate to talk about because they are SO expensive.  As we were talking, I had an idea – a big idea – and so I explained that we were not buying the AG beds.  She likes them, but the real fun is in the creation and setting up of the stuff, not the playing so much.  She agreed and I told her I thought we could build a bed for her doll, and she could make the bedding for it.  She could make a bedding change if she wanted.

That got her all excited!  Off to sleep she went, dreaming her grand dreams of fancy beds…


2 thoughts on “Grandpa and Grandma Come for a Visit and…

  1. mary Jo Rasmussen

    Poor little things They really did look sad …. we were glad that they were all doing better before we left.


  2. Connie

    When Julie and I played “Barbie” we seldom ever really played with the dolls. We were too busy putting our houses in order: rearranging furniture, bedding, etc. We used fruit boxes and so the world was our oyster! We had palaces, mansions, you name it!


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