Weekly Review for 10-12-12, 10-19-12 and 10-26-12

For the week of of 10-8 through 10-12-12, we were busy and did most of our subjects.  I was still recovering from the bronchitis, so a few of the “extras” were not as important this week.  However, this is where independent workers are wonderful.  Using the check-off lists I print daily from the Simply Charlotte Mason Organizer (online), our girls were able to waltz right through the week and we finished a math unit, several chapters in our reading books, finished another Spelling Wisdom dictation passage, and finished our study of Israel for geography and finished up the book of Judges in our Bible history study.  We started a new science study of Human Anatomy, which began with reproduction.  Eek!  But the recommended book was wonderful and we all emerged unscathed. LOL  JuneBug went to Speech therapy on Wednesday, but by Friday was not talking much and was running a low grade fever.  (I have to admit that I was not happy since we were planning on Grandma and Grandpa being here the next week!)

During the week of 10-15 through 10-19-12, we had to cancel school due to serious illness.  3 of our 4 girls were sick, 2 of them with fevers, congestion, and a serious case of “don’t feel good at all”.  Sigh. We ended up with staph infections in a throat (seriously contagious, yikes!) and 2 kiddos ended up on antibiotics.  However, no one else ended up with the serious stuff – and I think that it is because we were using and diffusing our doTerra essential oils.  Grandma and Grandpa were here, and I wanted to do a few things – like go the zoo or the Magic House for science, to the Art Museum for history, and enjoy some time with them.  Well, we got the time, thankfully – but instead we spent it doing things like taking kids to the doctor, sitting up most nights while they were the most miserable and uncomfortable.  JitterBug was not sick but no one else felt like doing much, so she was getting seriously bored.  She still likes her American Girl doll and studied the new catalog (like I said, there wasn’t much going on!) and decided she REALLY wanted a bed.  We can’t afford one – they are $100.00 – and it makes me crazy to think of spending that much money on a DOLL!  So I thought about it and talked with Grandpa.  He ended up building her a bed on Wednesday – and that is another post.  But what we did for school this week was Life-Skills and learning to work together.  We learned how to create something at home for far less money and discovered the joy that comes from creating things.  We also practiced working with people of all ages – this is REAL SOCIALIZATION – and had a great (albeit somewhat sick) time!  (The post with photos will be posted soon!)  We miss having Grandma and Grandpa down the road sooo much!

And this week 10-22 through 10-26-12:  Grandpa and Grandma stayed an extra day, so we went to our favorite place for Nature Study and get some fresh air.  We loved it, and the bees loved us.  They were everywhere!  But the winner of the Nature Study insect focus was Grandma who had the butterfly attach itself to her person for 5 whole minutes.  See pictures here.  The kiddos were still recovering from their various illnesses, so still go tired easily.  HorseyBug needed her congestion vest at least twice a day during all this time, and is still using it.  We again used check off lists of basics from the Organizer, and did a few things like watch videos of the places we are studying.  We watched a DVD of the Bible Lands and one on Greece called Eternal Greece.  We played basketball on Friday for an hour.  HorseyBug acted in a play called “The 12 Distracted Princesses” about things that distract us from the more important things in our life for Activity Days.  JitterBug won “Cutest Apple” in the decorating caramel apple contest in combined YW.

Additional notes:  I finally got my Kindle and am busy loading my books.  I am really excited to use some of the Yesterdays Classics books for our Ancient Greece Studies.  I also located, downloaded, and burned to disc the audiobook version of The Golden Fleece.  All of us are struggling a bit with the chosen books for the SCM Module 2 – I think it so far is the blending of false gods with real people in unusual circumstances that make it difficult.  However, in the next few lessons, we are moving into less about the gods, and more about the actual history – and that will make a difference.  I still want to add or substitute some of our new books, though.  I also have purchased a few other books and dvds on Greece and the influence in our lives still today.

In addition to that, I have discovered another cool history resource called Driving through History, thanks to the SCM forum.  The host takes you to real places and talks about the significant history there as it relates to us.  Mr. Bug and I watched one episode online about the Holy Land.  It was so cool and not like most travel dvds.  He climbed in, over and around the remains of the palaces in Israel left by the Romans and explained its relevance to the Bible stories of Jesus (Pilate, anyone?) and talked about the contributions of the Romans to our civilization.  I will probably be getting these as I can.  The posted link above will take you to some of the episodes for viewing.

I am almost done making all the little games and manipulatives for the Preschool curriculum I got from the Confessions of a Homeschooler website called “Letter of the Week”.  It cost only $10 and has a daily lesson plan figured out and over 1500 pages of activities, games, and worksheets for every letter of the alphabet.  It includes book lists, math practice, and so much more.  I am REALLY excited about adding it into our day – and so are JuneBug and BittyBug.  They want to “do school” too – at least more formally than we have been. 😉  That is half the battle of education – the desire!

We are all doing much better and are excited to get back to normal studies and routines this next week!


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