Weekly Review 10-5-12

I definitely had bronchitis this week.  My poor lungs were burning and I just wished that the veins in my head would burst and stop hurting so bad every time I coughed – and since I didn’t really stop coughing at night, I was too worn out to be really coherent in the first few days of school this week.  Eeek!

On Monday I had to (very tiredly and slow) change out the seasonal clothing.  Why do I always think that will only take a couple of hours later, and every year I find myself still working on it eight hours later???  However, all is well.  JitterBug was DELIGHTED because we found some new jeans for her.  Poor soul was down to one pair. =)

On Tuesday, JuneBug lost her other front tooth:

By Wednesday we were doing better.  The older girls were very good about doing their reading, copywork, math and other things that they could do without me.

By the end of Thursday, we had passed off the weeks math and dictation tests.  We had started another unit of science on Human Anatomy, read a couple more chapters in our Treasure Island read aloud, progressed to lesson three in our ASL University course with permission from our private lesson teacher, and maintained our place in our scripture reading and poetry books.  JitterBug finished her scripture journaling of the New Testament and I worked on getting their  scripture narration/journaling books ready for the Book of Mormon.

We stayed busy on Friday.  We worked on our school stuff and our CM/Church friends came again.  The mom and I finished up some of our projects and the kids played in the afternoon.

 JuneBug begged me for a week to sleep on the floor.  We tried to let her sleep in the big girls room on Wednesday, but she just couldn’t settle down.  We ended up bringing her back up at 1 am.  😉

On Thursday we went out in the back to work on hauling our city clean-up items to the curb.  We found a couple of friends for Nature Study:

This little guy was sleeping in the tarp we moved.  He has the coolest yellow spots on the inside of his hind legs when he hops.

JuneBug and I enjoyed this preying mantis later that day:

He was the color of the tree bark on the tree by our house.  The day before we had seen a nice bright green one.

And the leaves are changing…fall is here for sure:

Friday night we had a Pizza/Movie/Pajama Party on the living room floor with all the girls.  That was a huge hit!

On a side note:  It was General Conference for our Church and so we had extra activities and family time.  It was great!  I am so excited to study these talks and pray about putting the principles to work in my life in more Christ-like ways.  It makes me laugh to think that I thought these Conferences were “boring” when I was little – and I mean little.  I remember sitting in church listening to them over the phone/PA system.  They improved immensely when we had them on the TV screens. =)  Now I get to sit at home and create fun family memories of Conference while we watch it on the internet.  I look forward to Conference every six months now.


One thought on “Weekly Review 10-5-12

  1. Connie

    It was rather boring to listen over the PA/phone system. It was much easier to focus when you could see their faces. I have found it quite capitivating to listen now! I spent much of today listening while at home. I feel like most of it was directly meant for me. This is the first conference where I felt that more than one or two talks have been so personal for me. I am looking forward to hearing more!


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