Weekly Review 9-21-12

In Math, we completed lesson two and began lesson three.

For Science, we finished our amphibian study and took a field trip to the zoo to check out the reptiles and amphibians.  It was a wonderful day – and we saw the creatures we intended to.  I think the Mexican Beaded Lizard is too cool – he really does look like someone sewed little seed beads all over him.  If he hadn’t been shedding I don’t know if the little girls would have believed it was really his skin. We also saw a baby monkey and a baby camel.  As with people, the little ones are adorable…too bad we don’t all maintain the cuteness as we get older!  As part of our Science, Nature Study this week consisted of walking the Trail and noticing the different trees as they prepare for fall.  We collected leaves and glued them in our journals.  The girls were quite impressed with the crabapples and kept asking me if they were edible.  I think that they are in lots of sugar, lol.

Dictation, handwriting, and personal reading were worked on by each girl – since we had a Dr Appt in St. Louis for June Bug we weren’t able to finish our dictation exercise, so we will finish those next week and catch up.   JitterBug finished reading The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk and started The Adventures of Prickly Porky.  HorseyBug started Sarah, Plain and Tall.  I know that these are not necessarily their reading levels, but feel that the lessons learned from them are worth it.  Also – I am working especially hard with HorseyBug to build interest and confidence in reading.  She does amazingly well in our family scripture reading and I would love to see that extended to literature reading.  In Grammar, we have covered 4 lessons in ILL this week – ranging from researching birds and writing compositions on them to correct word usage when writing and speaking. HorseyBug completed her New Testament Scripture Journaling – (view that explaination here.)

As a family, we read several selections of Poetry, and our favorite this week was Foolish Flowers by Rupert Sargent Holland. Our Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Literature Read Aloud was completed and we started Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.  I wasn’t sure how the girls would react to it, much less after a “girl” book, but I think that if I alternate the selections that way no one will get burned out on any particular character or story.  To my enjoyment, after the first chapter they were hooked and we have already read the first five chapters.  =)

In our Music Study we completed our study of Brahms.  Picture Study was still the Ruth and Naomi from last week since we were studying their story this week.  Hymn Study was on the hymn A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief – it is a great hymn with a wonderful message of caring for all, and JitterBug loved it. She mentioned everyday when we sang how much she liked it – and never once complained about seven long verses.  Family Scripture Study covered the people of Alma and their joining the Nephites of King Mosiah.  The gospel principle that we really discussed this week was being strong in the face of wicked and cruel opposition and trusting the Lord.  We began the story of Alma the Younger and the 4 Sons of Mosiah’s conversion to the gospel – we will continue that next week.  Our Scripture Memory work finished up Ruth 1:16-17 and continues with Article of Faith #10.  We will start another Bible verse on Monday.

The Bible History that we studied this week was Ruth and Naomi’s story…what a wonderful people are in this story.  Ruth, Naomi, Boaz…they are all good examples of living a life of goodness.  For our Geography, we read more about Israel and did another Middle East Map drill.  (It is good for me because now I know how all those countries are connected as I read the chilling news of the Middle East).  Our Ancient Greek history finished “Jason and the Golden Fleece” in the Famous Men of Greece spine, and we continue to read Growing Up in Ancient Greece and The Golden Fleece.

Our Foreign Language is ASL – we completed chapter two to the teachers satisfaction and will begin Lesson 3 next week.

Additional Notes:  We had a field trip to St. Louis twice this week – one we went to the zoo and the other was for Princesses on Ice and to the St. Louis Arch and Mississippi River front.  JitterBug gave her first talk in Sacrament Meeting on Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  We all have sniffles and are feeling rather yucky.


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