Weekly Review 9-14-12

In Math, we finished chapter one and began chapter two.  The littles are totally interested in the Math U See blocks and want to work with them while the older girls do their work.  I am going to get the Primer level so that we can begin working with them as well.

For Science, we finished our reptile study and began our amphibian study.  We really enjoy life science. =)  We visited the local pet store in search of reptiles to see but they do not have any so we enjoyed the fish and rodents instead.  There was a little gerbil that was tired and stretching all the way up the side of his cage.  Boy was that a great view of his tonsils and perfectly formed tiny feet.  They are such a wonderful example of the plan and detail that God provided for this world.  There was also an amazing scarlet colored shrimp with white spots.  He was fantastically beautiful and had a price tag to match – he was almost $75.00.  Yikes.  We’ll stick with our feeder goldfish.  At least as they age and die, I don’t have to watch my money being flushed down the toilet. lol

As part of our Science, Nature Study this week consisted of a trip to Meremac Springs.  We fed the fish and JitterBug spied two separate chipmunks.  This time they were on the rocks by the water fall – on opposite sides from each other.  We saw dozens of deer (literally) and even caught a glimpse of a an young fawn and a stately buck in the woods – plus a young buck feeding in the meadow.  Pretty cool.  So naturally, we put them in our Nature Journals.  HorseyBug tried to stalk the herd but BittyBug was trying to follow her – not so quietly.  Here are the Nature Journal entries.

Dictation, handwriting, and personal reading were worked on by each girl.  JitterBug finished Farmer Boy and started On the Banks of Plum Creek and The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk.  HorseyBug worked on The Courage of Sarah Noble and The Adventures of Bower the Hound.

As a family, we read several selections of Poetry, and our favorite was Thanksgiving Day by Lydia Maria Child.  As I started reading several lines into it, the girls said “hey, that’s a song!” to which I replied that many songs were poems first.  Our Literature Read Aloud was Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.  We really enjoy this story and are almost done.  We are looking forward to reading Chronicles of Rebecca soon – I hadn’t realized that there was a continuation of the story until very recently.

In our Music Studywe are still on Brahms.  Soon we will begin a systemic review of all the composers we have studied.  Picture Study was “Ruth and Naomi” by Elspeth Young.  Love these sweet pictures that bring the women to life in my daughters minds.  They begin to look like friends and people we know – and isn’t that the way we want the scriptures and doctrine to be?

Hymn Study was on the hymn “Oh How Lovely was the Morning” and the story of how it came to be written.  Family Scripture Study covered the people of Limhi and the gospel principle that we really discussed this week was the power of prayer in difficult situations.  It can make all the difference in a person’s life.  Our Scripture Memory selection was Ruth 1:16-17 – “…Whithersoever thou goest, I will go…Thy God shall be my God…”  Ruth was a great example of a convert who willingly gives up their life for a better one with all the glorious eternal possibilities.

The Bible History that we studied this week finished up our studies of Gideon and Abimelech and the book Judges…For our Geography, we got on-line and watched a slide of Israel so we could see the places we have read about.  The Sea of Galilee is so beautiful.  We also visited the library in search of a video.  We found one along with several  interesting ones about Ancient Egypt.  We did our map drill and watched a video of Ancient Egypt.  It is such an interesting place.  Our Ancient Greek history was starting the Famous Men of Greece story of Jason and the Golden Fleece.  Since we are reading the longer version of Jason called The Golden Fleece by Padraic Colum, we had to sort out which story details matched and which were different

Our Foreign Language is ASL – and is going well.  I am glad that we are making progress.  Our teacher had us start the second lesson of ASL University’s beginning course.

Additional Notes:

HorseyBug is reading her personal books aloud to me.  She loves the attention, and I love that she is able to get the practice of ignoring distractions and making real progress in her books.  At our library visit, HorseyBug picked up a book about horses to read and JitterBug is reading several  other books that she picked up for fun – including Mr. Poppin’s Penguins which we read aloud last year. 😉


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