Nature Study 9-14-12 – White Tail Deer

We wandered around Meremac Springs to the delight of all of us – the weather is perfect for this type of nature study.  We spent 5 hours and saw many things – including two chipmunks and about 30 white tail deer.  As we were driving the historic route, we came across a fawn complete with pretty spots standing by the road – I took pictures, but none of them turned out well.  (I am so ready to get a real camera and take some classes – I have always wanted to!)

Here are the Nature Journal entries for this week:

HorseyBug’s is on the left – she loves to add detail.  She is always drawing – I have wondered if it is one way to record her interests and passions since recording written details is difficult for her.  JitterBug’s is on the right.  This was an interesting study – several weeks before when we went to the Meremac Springs Museum, the touching table had a deer tail and some antlers on it.  BittyBug loved those.  She kept putting them “on” like a costume.  😉


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