Lightning McQueen has a new friend!

For a combined youth activity, JitterBug had to make a car out of a box and decorate it.  Here she is in her completed car (complete with fuzzy dice):

JuneBug loved it so much that she wanted one.  Mr. Bug cut it for her and JitterBug decorated it like Mater, even to the missing head light.  JuneBug loves it – and has happily shared it with BittyBug for 10 days so far.

I told Mr. Bug that if I had realized that all I needed for her control all her babies and animals I would have given her one years ago.  Her car looks like a caution to hoarders everywhere.  LOL  Look:


2 thoughts on “Lightning McQueen has a new friend!

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    Loved this post! The cars are almost as cute as the kids. I loved the fuzzy dice – nice addition. Mr Bug that was a very good Mater – what fun your kids have at home! I love it!


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