Weekly Review 9-7-12

We finished the first lesson in our Math U See – as we are using a new curriculum to us, we started at the beginning and will fast track through it to where the girls really place in the lessons.  I think that this is a good idea for us to build confidence “I can do it” and get them used to the manipulatives as well as the terminology.  I don’t think that we are going to have a problem with this math – both girls are enjoying it and don’t want to put it away when the time is up.  In their goal setting session for this year, both girls set a goal to learn math better and so I have real hope for this year based on what I am seeing.  Yea!!

For Science, we finished our study of reptiles and plan to visit the pet store on Monday – Mom had a meeting that prevented it on Friday or Saturday.  In our Nature Study, HorseyBug discovered a neat little woodchuck eating in a garden when we were on our Nature Walk so we drew it in our Nature Journals.  You can see those here.

For language arts, we worked on dictionary skills, read many chapters in our personal reading, passed another Spelling Wisdom dictation passage off, enjoyed more chapters of our literature read-aloud of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, enjoyed several poems about winter (that is the section we are in in the book) for poetry, and continue to perfect our cursive handwriting.

We progressed to the second lesson of our lifeprint.com American Sign Language (our current foreign language).  Our personal teacher was impressed with our improved memory of the signs – I know we were able to remember it so much better because there is an ASL workbook to print out as well as flashcards from the site, and it is so much easier for me to remember and practice better with the girls this way. 😉

In our devotional, we continue to read Mosiah in the Book of Mormon  – we are on Chapter 22.  Each girl is working on their goals in Personal Progress (JitterBug lost her book at church on Wednesday night.  ACK!)  and Faith in God, as well as their daily chores and family responsibilities.  We finished Praise to the Man for Hymn Study, continued to enjoy Brahms for Music Study, and studied the next picture of Deborah in Elsepth Young’s collection in Women of the Old Testament for Picture Study. We continued working on Ruth 1: 16-17 for our Scripture Mastery.

We finished studying Deborah in Bible History, read about Jason and the Golden Fleece for our Ancient Greek History and worked on our Geography using map drill and studying more about Israel.

Additional Notes:

I decided to check out Elspeth Young’s studio online to see if I could get some of her work as prints instead of using the book I have – it is hard to display the artwork.  She has some fabulous pictures of Women in the Bible and I was ordering some of those to go along with our History/Picture Study this term.  I had a question so decided to call the studio – Elspeth answered herself and so I had a very pleasant visit with her.  I love her artwork and got to express how much it has enriched my study of these amazing women in the Old Testament (I haven’t moved to the New Testament yet, but she has wonderful pictures for those women as well).  I was reading her explanation  of the Martha/Mary story – and her portrayal of those events.  It really touched me.

JitterBug and her Dad went to a fireside presented by Jenny Phillips for the youth 12-18 yo about setting goals – not just physical ones, but also spiritual ones and tracking them.  She met her, got a hug, and had her CD autographed.  She was enthused when she got home!  She bubbled over for about an hour, telling me everything that she could remember.  She also was SO pleased because it was at the Stake Center and she met some girls from Girls Camp and a couple of leaders.  And I was very relieved because the older kids from our ward made a point of saying hello to her…she was on floating in happiness when she came home.  =)  What a welcome change from weepy teenage hormones!


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