Week in Review 8-31-12

Week in Review 8-31-12

This week’s adventures were abruptly halted Friday when BittyBug started throwing up!  Thankfully she waited until I was home from shopping and errands, and about the time we were getting ready to to do our Friday routine.  While she napped on my shoulder we watched an American musical about life in the old West and the hardships endured by the early pioneers – a couple of which were lack of social opportunities and scarcity of women.  (Yes, we watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers).  This gave me lots of discussion ideas about dating and marriage, about being prepared to be a real wife – one who can work and take care of her family – not just a pretty face.  Talked about the importance of serving others in our communities (the barn raising) because that helps make every one successful – they were living the American Dream. 😉  Plus, it is just a fun movie!

We are more than half way through our literature read-aloud, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.  We read several poems in our Favorite Poems for Children book for poetry, everyone read in their assigned personal  reading books, we will take our spelling dictation on Monday prior to starting next week’s passage, and continued our cursive writing copywork.  We also did oral and written composition, along with reading comprehension, using our Intermediate Language Lessons.

Our foreign language lessons got started with our American Sign Language teacher – and to help us track and make progress we are using the curriculum available from lifeprint.com.  The online lessons, dictionary, practice sheets and testing quizzes are free.  Still trying to decide about Latin.  I didn’t want to have make worksheets, but the book is non-consumable so may have no choice. =/

We started our Math curriculum – we got the manipulatives last Friday evening. I really think that the girls are going to flourish with Math U See.  It is more familiar to the public school methods they started with, but so much better.  And it comes with a disc with each lesson explained on it.  That is such a help to me as the teacher – sometimes concepts are approached in different manners than I learned, so this gives me confidence to help my girls!

For Bible history we talked about the beginning of Judges and the “sin cycle” that the Israelites found themselves in. We completed several pages of Discovering the Scriptures: Old Testament. I am excited for next week – we are studying Deborah. I read Hittite Warrior a few months ago and I am anxious to re-read the Biblical account.  For Ancient Greece, we finished Hercules’ story and read 2 more chapters in The Golden Fleece.  As I was typing this it occurred to me how hard it really was for the Israelites not to worship the false gods and traditions.  They were surrounded by beautiful sculpture and artwork and temples dedicated to these false gods – and then they married non-members.  Today we continue to see the results of this kind of behavior within the church – even within all Christianity.  Some things are hard to learn, I guess. =)  In Geography, We read the next section about Israel in A Child’s Geography, Volume 2: The Holy Land.  For map drill I discovered that if I printed a list of all Middle East countries, the map drill goes easier.  So their maps are more complete.  Next week, if I remember, I think that we will do a review of Africa map drill – kind of keep it fresh.  We also watched part of the Republican Convention and discussed the importance of electing our officials and making informed decisions based on a person’s real accomplishments.  Sometimes that is hard to do with modern-day media, but it is important to understand our constitution, economics, and our values when picking officials to lead us.  I am planning to catch part of the Democratic Convention next week as well.

In our devotional, we continue to read Mosiah in the Book of Mormon  – we are on wicked King Noah and the prophet Abinadi who is teaching the wicked king and his priests the 10 Commandments and reminding them of the Law of Moses, and sharing his testimony of the divinity and necessity of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  Each girl is working on their goals in Personal Progress and Faith in God, as well as their daily chores and family responsibilities.  We finished Joseph Smith’s First Prayer for Hymn Study, continued to enjoy Brahms for Music Study, and studied the next picture of Eve in Elsepth Young’s collection in Women of the Old Testament for Picture Study. We started working on Ruth 1: 16-17 for our Scripture Mastery.

For Science we are learning about reptiles.  The 106 Days of Creation suggested these books: Box Turtle at Long Pond, A Water Snake’s Year, and Spoonbill Swamp. Okay – these books are FABULOUS and worth every penny I paid for them (which wasn’t all that much, lol).   Incredibly rich detailed illustrations make the written story came alive – in fact, on several pages you could almost tell the stories just by the illustrations.  The stories teach so much about the subjects – you just don’ t realize it because it is conversational in tone.  In other words, these are perfect examples of living books used in a Charlotte Mason Education.  (Okay- off my soapbox!) We have observed and handled box turtles many times, so we used an illustration for our model as we put one in our Nature Journal.  We did a nature walk on Tuesday, but ran out of time on Thursday.  We still were able to do nature study –  On Thursday, my mother had sent us a huge beetle to look up, identify, and learn about.  We used that on Thursday – it was a 10-Lined June Beetle.  You can see our Nature Journal entries here for this week.  My sister has a blog post about their “pet” turtles and we have learned a lot about them from her – read it here.  She has some amazing photos of their new baby turtle so click on the pictures for an up close look.

Next week we will add several people and events to our timeline, and hopefully come to a decision about Latin.

Additional Notes: The girls love to listen to the audiobook literature.  I am worried about staying ahead of them in this area.  LOL  I did get several audiobooks burned to disc, including several more Thorton Burgess, but had to buy a new burner since I wore out my other one.  Who knew that they wear out after a year of fairly heavy use?? 😉  As a result, I have not had time to try the microphone to record a book myself.  I have the Kindle Collection of Yesterday’s Classics and would love to find time to pencil those in my books at appropriate places as we are studying different topics.


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