Music Study (aka Composer Study), Part 2

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

By Barbara Krafft

In my first post about Music Study, I explained that we study a composer and his works for 6-8 weeks at a time and why that is an important part of our children’s education.

This week I will share how we accomplish this study through a simple process –

  • I introduce the children to the composer’s name and invite them to listen to it the first time while we eat lunch, work on a handicraft, draw, or do a puzzle.
  • Then we listen to it everyday during some portion of school as background music.
  • Sometime during that 6-8 week period we read a book or biography about the composer.
  • At the end of the study, we do a notebooking page about the composer’s life and our favorite piece that we learned.  Often the girls will share the reason it is their favorite piece.

That’s it.  Simple. Effective. Wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Music Study (aka Composer Study), Part 2

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    You know, I think I would have enjoyed music as a subject a lot more with this kind of format! I know that I enjoy pieces that have been explained to me more than most ‘cold-turkey’ what did you hear in this piece. I am able to ‘hear’ a great deal more if I know what to listen for. = )

  2. lynn

    I enjoy your posts so very much. in the next few weeks, I will begin to plan our music/composer studies for next year and will refer to this post often. Thank you for sharing at Creative Learning


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