Week in Review 8-24-12

I had a serious case of the giggles (from relief) while posting about our  Science and Nature Study. We had three experiences with Nature Study in three different areas this week.  One was quite comical. You can read about them here.  Our Nature Journal entry was a chipmunk, and we finished our study of mammals in 106 Days of Science.  We finished and enjoyed The Adventures of Buster Bear immensely.

In Ancient Greek history we are almost done reading about Hercules in our spine, Famous Men of Greece (we listened to his story from librivox.org) and continued reading Growing Up in Ancient Greece and The Golden Fleece.  In Geography, we have been studying Israel using the book A Child’s Geography, Volume 2: The Holy Land.  In the course of topics introduced in this book, I have been able to refer to other books with better pictures or examples of the subject using such books as Women in the Old Testament.  It is has really piqued their interest to add that.  This next week we will wrap up Israel and instead of making salt dough maps we will make the sugar cookies like we did with our Missouri and Egypt studies.  A suggestion in Discovering the Scriptures was to make a diorama of Israel in a box, and we may do that.  I can see the girls acting out all kinds of Bible stories in that – plus the designing of it will appeal to their artistic side.  And can I say that I never realized that Israel was so diverse?  I’d really like to go there now!

In Bible, we finished our study of the warrior prophet Joshua and memorized two verses from his book in the Old Testament – Joshua 1:9 and Joshua 24:15 for our Scripture Memory verses.  For devotionals we have finished several chapters in the book of Mosiah in the Book of Mormon – where King Benjamin is teaching the people of the Savior’s atonement and explaining that it is only through Christ that we may be saved.  He was reminding them (and us) of the important family relationships that we have and our responsibilities in those relationships.  Many good discussions flow from these topics.  For Hymn Study, we wrapped up the song “Now We’ll Sing With One Accord”.

For Language Arts, the girls advanced to the next exercise in Spelling Wisdom, we did three lessons from Intermediate Language Lessons, and started with the first lesson in Write With The Best.  They started their next personal reading books – JitterBug is reading the Thorton Burgess books for science and for fun, On the Banks of Plum Creek, and we will be adding an additional history book next week.  HorseyBug is reading Thorton Burgess books and we are adding to that next week as well.  (I am not listing leisure books!)  I got some baskets last night to put their sorted piles of “selected literature for the year to read from” in.  I find that the actual books will draw them in in ways a list of books on the shelf doesn’t.

We read a poem titled “Fireflies in the Garden” by Robert Frost and read poems about nature in Favorite Poems of Children for our Poetry Study, continued to listen to Brahms for our Music Study, and have listened to seven chapters of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm for our Family Literature Read-Aloud.  Jitterbug noticed to some similarities of Rebecca to Anne of Green Gables.  I love connections. =)  We are using the pictures of Elspeth Young of the women in the Old Testament for our Picture Study, and started with Eve.  I plan to jump to the picture of Deborah since we will be studying her this week.  I will catch up on the other women on weeks there is not another lady that we are studying.

Our Routines were not as smooth as they were last week since I didn’t print a new list.  I will do that this next week.  It really helped me with the family attitudes.

For Next Week:  We got the math manipulatives yesterday, so we will officially start a “curriculum” plan of math on Monday. I am almost done preparing the lesson plans for our ASL, so will pick that back up.  I am still trying to decide how to incorporate the Latin in a manner that will not completely overwhelm HorseyBug with the transcribing.

Additional Notes for Me:  HorseyBug has an Auditory Processing Disorder and to help her learn and stay up with her studies, I read a lot of her independent studies aloud while she follows along.  I can’t always do this, of course, so I am now looking at making my own recordings of the selections to be read.  She can then listen to the books with her earphones on her own, which will free up a lot of my time every day.  I got a microphone for my computer and I am excited about this because I can save these discs for JuneBug, who I also think has an auditory processing disorder.  The other benefit of this is that I get to read the books too.  I really enjoy that.


One thought on “Week in Review 8-24-12

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    When I read about what you are learning, I always feel like my own education was somewhat shortchanged. = )


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