More Pizzazz in the Kitchen and Dining Room =)

You saw the pictures from the living room.  After I posted them, I went back and looked at them again.  I really had NO IDEA that it would change so drastically with just a coat of paint. 

But I really liked that red – and for my birthday present had found a picture quote for the kitchen wall that I loved.   So….

Here goes the transformation of the dining room and kitchen:

My parents kitchen was decorated with chickens and was wonderful with their collection.  My mom has a really cool collection of hens on nests that she had above the cupboards.  They had a neat border with red barns and animals and yellow sunflowers and lots of pretty green in it.  The chair rail under the door was painted a dark green to match the border right above it.  I helped put it up and really liked it.

But my stuff just didn’t look right.

This is a not so attractive view of my messy house, but Mr. Bug was in a hurry and didn’t want me to clean it up just to take a picture.  😉

You can see the border with the green rail along the wall.  Sorry for the yucky lighting in these pictures.  A professional photographer I am not.  😉

We matched the red paint to a color named Almond Oil.  When I first put it up I almost had a heart attack.  It was so dark I thought it was going to be hideous.  But it dried nicely.

Here is the dining room view now (it is cleaned up here because we just finished painting, lol)

Here it is above the bar.  I found the wall stickers at Walmart in the paint section for $.97 each.  I thought that they added something for my kids to see and always remember.

And the kitchen went two tone – the wall above the cabinets and behind the frig are almond.

The opposite wall between the window and door is red –

 as is as the wall around the built in shelves.

My dad thinks that he would have to move if he lived here.  I mentioned that to Mr. Bug who laughed and said “he already did!”  So I think that means that it is okay by him! 😉

I am feeling more settled and ready to tackle new things – like starting school, serving in church as the RS Secretary, and being “present” for my children.

It really is amazing what a coat of paint can do for me!


4 thoughts on “More Pizzazz in the Kitchen and Dining Room =)

  1. julesras

    I love my two red walls – funny though that we both put them in our kitchens – red is suppose to make you hungry and to eat quickly….LOL Another interesting thing I read about red is not to use it in children’s room in a large area but only in small accents because it makes them more stressed.

  2. Connie Yeates

    Isn’t it funny how a small change can make such a big difference. I like it. Now it makes me want to do some small changes in my house! It’s gorgeous Mrs. Bug.

  3. karenspath

    I love the changes you have made that make it feel like your home and how happy it is making you! I’m hoping that September brings me a yellow kitchen with white cupboards.

  4. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    I love it. too! I really like the shelf with all your apple stuff – the red and black set it off beautifully. I am ready for a little more color in my house, too. = )


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