School Week in Review 8-17-12

This school week has been interesting…

For Science and Nature Study:  We explored and crawled through a creek bed for more than a half mile, snapping pictures of things for our nature study notebooks, counting crawdads, and enjoying the break in the unrelenting heat of the summer.  We are currently studying mammals using the 106 Days of Science as a guide.

For History, Geography and Bible Study:   We started SCM Mod 2 – Joshua through Malachi and Ancient Greece – really like the ease of use with this curriculum.  Hmmm….love the resources I found to go with the Bible portion, but we had to sit down and make a list of who all the false gods were so we knew how they all related to each other!  Oh my!  Hopefully that part will move along quickly…we also started reading The Golden Fleece and Growing Up in Ancient Greece.  Studying Joshua and the Israelites experiences were much more interesting and engaging.  Our Discovering the Scriptures book had a suggested play that you could act out or read as reader’s theater.  Of course it had to be a play… JitterBug and HorseyBug had a lot of fun with this one:

JitterBug is King Adonizedek.

HorseyBug is another king.

Now they are being Joshua and his commander… =)

For Language Arts:  We also did our Spelling Wisdom pages, Intermediate Language Lessons which I enjoyed, because there was no protesting or sighing over.  I think we found a winner for grammar this year! The girls continue to do their cursive handwriting copywork and JitterBug is starting a Book of Mottoes soon.

For Devotional Activities:   We are memorizing Joshua 1:9 this week and learned the story of the hymn “God Bless Our Prophet Dear” and have sung it every morning.  The girls are moving right along with their scripture journaling of the New Testament, and I am getting together the next book of scripture to study.  We are reading the book of Mosiah in the Book of Mormon as a family.

For Personal Development:  JitterBug completed 2 goals in her Personal Progress and started another one.  HorseyBug is working on a goal – she is making file folder games for the women’s shelter.

For Literature and Poetry: We finished listening to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the girls drew in their Drawn Narrations of Literature books.  We are starting Rebecca  of Sunnybrook Farm.  We continue to read Favorite Poems of Children.

For Music Study:  We also began a music study of Johannes Brahms.  We enjoy classical music, so this CD was a treat for us.

For Routines:  We also returned to our check-off lists for our routines to remind everyone what they are to do.  Can I add that this must have been inspired??  They are able to read and do with FAR less nagging and complaining from any of us, they are enjoying the work and routine, knowing their expectations and it has calmed the house considerably.  We have been getting everyone up at 7-7:30ish, and they are going to bed without complaint by 9 pm.  What joy fills my heart!  We are finally getting to bed before midnight ourselves.  Happy Day!

Next week we add in math (using a new curriculum for us), Picture Study, Flute Lessons, ASL Lessons, Latin, Write with the Best, and a few other things.


3 thoughts on “School Week in Review 8-17-12

    1. sheraz2011 Post author

      What I am liking about it so far is that it is not overwhelming and doesn’t burn a person out by staying in the same thing forever. I also have the Teacher’s Guide and it is full of enrichment ideas as well as the ANSWERS -(yea!)- that I am pretty fond of.;)


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