Picture Study, Part 5 – Resources for Picture Study

Now that you have a huge list to narrow down of artists for Picture Study, I am going to share some of my favorite resources that I have been using and enjoying very much.  I do enjoy researching my own choices, but often they are already done and that is worth a small amount of money to me!

Simply Charlotte Mason’s Picture Portfolios 

FABULOUS resource!  It is a wonderful way to get quality prints, a living biography and tips and instructions on how to do Picture Study.  It is extremely cost effective and is available as a download or paper copy.  This series is divided into art periods and is being added to often, so be sure to check back.

Harmony Fine Arts

Barb at Harmony Fine Arts has put together an art and music curriculum that offers you three options of picture and art study.  Level 1 i s a list of simple picture study pictures for the year.  Level 2 is  schedules an art appreciation book and short follow-up activities.  Option 3  schedules a variety of materials to use as you do the suggestions activities.   I use a combination of all three through out the year.   She has compiled a list of supplies needed for each option, and included links to Amazon if you want to purchase through her.


These are large, full color pictures at often cheap prices that you can choose pictures from.  You can get a 12 x 12 frame at the store and frame a new print each week if you prefer a more attractive look.

Art Books

I buy these used at my local used book store, at the Library and other book sales, and even at yard sales.  You want to get books that are mostly pictures with little writing.  You are working on art appreciation, not art critique. =)

Resource Books

There are books designed specifically for Picture Study.  These ones are delightful because they put the pictures in the child’s hand relatively inexpensively.

Here is a link:  Childsize Masterpieces

Use the computer!

 Look for the artist’s website.  Some of the official ones for artists in the public domain are particularly helpful.  Also see if there are plans available for Picture Study for certain artists.  Here are some links for free plans:

Easton Johnson

Mary Cassatt

Use the National Gallery of Art and check out videos of your chosen artist.

Look at art resource places like:   CGFA

Here are some that I put together:

Edgar Degas Paintings

Pierre Auguste Renior Paintings

Edouard Manet Paintings  and Edouard Monet, #6

Where do you get your picture study resources?


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