Discovering the Scriptures

I am so excited!  I have been receiving some really interesting emails from a company called Discovering the Scriptures.  In these emails, they share a story about a prophet or person in the Old Testament, include some teaching ideas and provide a link to  download some samples of their books.  They also invite you to visit their site for Family Home Evening ideas.

Two days ago, I decided to be serious about checking it out.  Oh my!  It is a wonderful site! They have worked hard to bring the scriptures alive in appropriate ways.  The art work in them is rich and invites the imagination to study and ponder the stories shared.  The memory work are important verses to encourage and inspire desirable thoughts and actions.  The timelines make the progression of the history clear. These books cover the scriptures, LDS Church History, Holidays, and more.  They are perfect for every family trying to help their children love the scriptures whether or not they homeschool.

I ordered the Discovering the Old Testament for Grades 4-7.  It provides the story of the people in the Old Testament – using the Bible and Pearl of Great Price to give the most accurate portrayal of the events in the lives of the prophets and of the doctrine taught by them.  It contains memory verses, copywork based on those verses, timeline information, beautiful artwork, a great retelling of the key events in the lives of these people, along with the actual Bible verses they are using to tell the story.  It asks them to look in the scriptures and find the promises or doctrines from the Lord, and so much more.  There is another version for children in grades 1-3.

What I also really like is that as we are following the SCM Module Guides, this is so easily added to the lessons.  I have already planned our year and I was going to use the Primary 6 manual to help teach the character traits that we want our children to learn and emulate from worthy people.  But this will help me to show the history of the people in the scheme of the overall view of world history.  There is so much that I literally made 2 books to follow the guides as we cover the Old Testament history in two years, alongside the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks. Since I had this as a PDF download I was able to print a small note under the title to indicate which module the book covered.  😉

We will use the Primary manual as a Family Home Evening lesson on Sunday evenings to introduce our character of the week – like Joshua and his decision to choose the Lord every time – and how we can learn to have faith like Joshua.  During the week we will use the Discovering the Old Testament book to help us learn the details of Joshua’s decisions.  On Fridays we will wrap it all up with a last look at the character traits we want to emulate from Joshua’s story.

I am so pleased that I found another way to add to all our studies of history to help me foster an appreciation of scriptures in my children!


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