2012 – 2013 School Plans

It is here.  No more delays.  No more excuses.  No more wishy-washying about plans.

Our 2012 – 2013 school year begins July 16, 2012.

(ACCKKK – am I ready???)

Really, I am so excited to get going and use all the pretty new books and ideas.  I love this part! Then reality intrudes and we make adjustments and it just gets better from there.

Here are our family subjects and resources:

LDS Hymn Study and Practice:  We will continue to read Our Latter-Day Hymns: The Sttories and the Messages on Monday and sing the hymn everyday that week.

Scripture Study: We will continue our study of the Bible as it correlates to our History studies.  We will continue reading the Book of Mormon as a family study, and the older girls will continue their Scripture Journaling of the New Testament.

Scripture Mastery:  We are working our way through the Seminary Scripture Mastery verses in the New Testament

Poetry:  We will study Christina Rossetti and Shel Silverstein in depth, and enjoy the various poems in Favorite Poems of Children

Read Aloud Literature:  We are going to read these books aloud at lunch everyday.  Right now I have us scheduled to complete one right after the other, but may break that up so we are reading several at a time like last year.   We are reading: Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, The Princess and the Goblin, The Wonderful World of Oz, Understood Betsy, At the North of the Back Wind, Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates, The Jungle Books (1 and 2), Pollyanna Grows Up, The Swiss Family Robinson, Anne of Green Gables, and The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood.  (Here is where I confess that all of these are free audio books on librivox.org. I read so much for our other subjects that this is a wonderful break for me.)

History: We are studying Joshua through Malachi and Ancient Greece, using the SCM Module 2 guide and Primary Manual 6.  After that we will be doing Ancient Rome and Matthew through Acts (SCM Module 3), using Primary Manual 7.   Women in the Old Testament is a powerful resource combined with the LDS Institute OT Manual to help make things be real and alive.  I posted about it here.

Geography: We will do map drills of the Middle East countries (with reviews of the African continent) and will use the book Explore the Holy Land (A Child’s Geography, vol. 2) to explore the Holy Land countries more in depth.  I plan on using the library for videos and additional interesting books.

Science:  We will finish SCM’s 106 Days of Science, and start either the Apologia Botany or Astronomy OR start God’s Design for Chemistry Properties of Matter and Properties of Atoms and Molecules.  We’ll re-assess our needs at the end of 106 Days, but I plan on using them all at some point.

Nature Study:  We will continue our twice a week Nature Walks and once a week Nature Journaling.  We are enjoying the journaling so much we may increase that to twice a week.  I plan to use as references Take a Walk Series, Handbook of Nature Study, Hours in the Outdoors, the MO Dept. of Conservation and various reference books.

Grammar: We are using Intermediate Language Lessons, Part 1 this year.  We are also going to start working on grammar and writing using Write With The Best, Vol. 1.

Vocabulary: Each girl is beginning a vocabulary book of their own for words they run across in their reading that they are unfamiliar or uncertain of the meaning of the word.  This notebook is called “Very Remarkable Words” and will encourage them to use the words in their own writings and conversations.

Spelling: We will continue using Spelling Wisdom Book 1 for our spelling and prepared dictation exercises.

Handwriting: Each person has their own copywork books to practice their best handwriting and their transcription abilities.  JitterBug will start her own Book of Mottoes in the middle of the year, most likely.

Typing:  We are adding typing this year to help get them comfortable with the correct use of hands and fingers in relation to the keyboard.  They will begin typing their written narrations (compositions) as they master the keyboard.

Reading: Each girl will have a reading list to read for Science, History, and Free Reading in addition to their leisure reading.

Math: We are using Math U See in several levels for different children.

Foreign Language: We are doing two this year –

For American Sign Language, we using the lessons from lifeprint.com, the LDS Hymns in ASL, and weekly lessons with our teacher.

For Latin, we will be using the Getting Started With Latin.  There are many reasons for studying Latin and I think it will be a very interesting and informative subject.

Picture Study (Artist Study): We are studying Monet, Norman Rockwell, Ansell Adams, Greg Olson, Minerva Tiechert, and maybe a few others.

Music Study (Composer Study):  We will study Johann Strauss, Peter Tchaikovsky, Guiseppe Verdi, Johannes Brahms, Richard Wagner, and Henry Purcell.

Shakespeare:  The Comedy of Errors is the focus this year.  We will listen to the story’s summary in Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children and Lambs’ Tales From Shakespeare.  We will read the play out loud.  Then we will watch a BBC production of the play.

Personal Development: Each person has their own level of things to work on, the little Bugs will be learning to do their own chores at their abilities.  JitterBug will work on her Personal Progress goals and HorseyBug will complete her Faith in God goals.  Chores, routines, and learning to cook and clean are always part of this area.

Handicrafts and Art: We are continuing our studies of watercolors and I want to extend this into acrylic painting.  We already have the paints and supplies, and I think that I have found a local teacher for the watercolors and a DVD resource for the acrylics.  I’ll share more on that later.  We are also using The Usbourne Art Treasury for creative art experiences.  Fun!

Preschool for JuneBug and BittyBug will consist of the Letter of the Week curriculum guide from Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler (not CM style per se)which also included pre-math activities to prepare them for Math U See Primer and other assorted topics and books, including Outdoor Secrets and OS Companion from SimplyCharlotteMason for science/nature study.  They always do ours Nature Study, but Outdoor Secrets looks so delightful that I want to use it too.  lol

Also, each person has their own individual lists and resources in addition to the family subjects.  That is another topic for another day…  =)


One thought on “2012 – 2013 School Plans

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    I love all the things you are doing and what you are planning to do next. I really need to work out some sort of ‘schedule’ for my personal study and development – age shouldn’t really stop me from learning all these exciting things. I will have to confess though that it seems like everything takes longer than it used to and so my 24 hours don’t seem to go as far.


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