Totally Tired Tuesday ;)

So what do you do with 3 boxes (1 1/2 bushels) of fresh picked peaches??

You have a Totally Tired Tuesday –

You eat fresh peaches –  and then

You can 25 quarts of peaches –

You enjoy delicious Peach Smoothies –

You make your first successful gluten and dairy free Fresh Peach Cobbler.

Then you sit down and beg your hubby to rub your tired feet.  Heavenly! =)


One thought on “Totally Tired Tuesday ;)

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    We had a couple of days like that – only with apricots. We made nectar and jam along with bottling halves. I wish I could get all the fruit I have seen just falling on the ground sent around to all my family that stills bottles and preserves. It makes me sad to see so much going to waste. And on the other hand, so glad that my daughters pursue having some food stored up!


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