Picture Study, Part 1: What is Picture Study?

“We cannot measure the influence that one or another artist has upon the child’s sense of beauty, upon his power of seeing, as in a picture, the common sights of life; he is enriched more than we know in having really looked at even a single picture.”                                                                                                                —Charlotte Mason

Picture Study is one of our favorite things to do in our school.  I often hear the question “What is picture study?” or “I am not an artist, I couldn’t do that”.  The reality is that you can do it, and do it with flair!  The next few posts in the Picture Study Series will share ideas, resources, and sites that will help you share the wonderful world of Picture Study with your family.

What is Picture Study?

Picture Study is just that – the  study of a picture.

First,  select an uplifting picture that you want your children to see and identify with.

Second,  you let them look at it until they can close their eyes and “see” it in their mind.

Third,  you turn it over and have them describe it to you.  Don’t interrupt them – let them finish their thoughts and then look at the picture again.  I have learned to see things that I didn’t see before because the girls noticed details that I did not.

Last, you display the picture somewhere prominent in your home where it can be seen for a week or so.  This allows everyone to become familiar with this piece of work, identify, and enjoy it.

I have chosen to display ours in a frame on the bookcase in the living room that we pass often.


2 thoughts on “Picture Study, Part 1: What is Picture Study?

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    I love Renoir – aren’t those two of his paintings? What a great way to enjoy fine art.

  2. sheraz2011 Post author

    They are Renoir! I first learned about him from you when I was younger and now my girls love him too! Thanks for teaching me about art, Mom! =)


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