Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?

Oh, what do you do in the summertime when everything is green?

This year we are officially changing that green word to brown.  It is so hot and dry – we are in a severe drought and you can see it everywhere you look.

Here are some of the things that we are doing to beat the heat (ok, deal with it, lol):

Explore the dry creek beds that are usually full during our nature walks  (we drew some awesome crawdads in our nature journals)

Take pictures for our nature journals – we draw these inside where it is not so hot or save them for the winter months when it is nasty outside.  We have lots of these types of pictures.  The nature journals are coming right along.  Love it!

He was sitting in a patch of long grass and HorseyBug spotted him – he decided to run, which ensured that everyone saw him =O – we will be drawing him too!

Experimenting with food recipes

Creating and designing whole new worlds of paper dolls

Finding frogs on our windows when we went on the deck to watch the fireworks Friday night (and yes, we are drawing him too),

and last, but certainly not least:

Go to the beach????

Actually, it rained for the first time in weeks and the littles are dancing in the rain!!  Wheee!!!

Have a great week everyone!


4 thoughts on “Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?

  1. Connie Yeates

    That dancing looks fun to me. I love it when animals move and you can see them! I finally figured out where the prairie chickens hang out. I listened and used binoculars. I could tell there was more than one, but when they started to walk and run, I was able to see them and counted six. There may have been more than that. They were in groups of two and moving at the same time. It was fun to finally spot them! They aren’t little babies anymore. I love your nature journals.

    1. sheraz2011 Post author

      I would love a picture of your prairie chickens – we have pictures of them and have seen a video of their mating dance, but haven’t seen any in person. I am enjoying the journals. One of these days I’ll post some new pictures of them.

      1. Connie Yeates

        I don’t know that I will ever get a picture of them. I only see them by accident or unexpectedly. They are quite shy and take off as soon as they think you are around. I was talking to Sean from the porch and they took off from the edge of the mesa-I wasn’t even close to them! I was watching them through binoculars. That is part of what makes it so fun when we do see them. In the two or three years they’ve been here, this year is the first we have seen them. Three of times were in the car when we could go a bit faster.

  2. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    Of all your posts, I think I love this one most! Your Bugs are just too cute!! That’s not a bad frog either. = ) I wish I could share the baby ducks with the girls – they would love them, especially when they hurry so fast they look like they are running ON the water rather than swimming. I would enjoy the prairie chickens, too.


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