Happy Independence Day!!

Happy 4th of July!!  We have been having our own Breakfast and Flag Ceremony for a few years.  I thought I’d share part of our traditions (we sure missed Grandma and Grandpa!).

While breakfast is baking we have our own Flag Ceremony and Devotional.  Every year we read The Declaration of Independence, which is awe-inspiring and wonderful.  I always feel so motivated to protect our freedoms and to enjoy them as much as I can.  We sing The Star-Spangled Banner and say the Pledge of Allegiance.  I usually read a few stories of the early Founding Fathers and other patriots to help my family see this day in context of its great significance in our heritage.

Our traditional breakfast includes Holiday Casserole with a touch of maple syrup poured over it, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins, fruit and either juice, almond milk or water.  (I will be posting the recipes for these soon.)

Then we play games like Mexican Train or Chicken Foot Dominoes, Phase Ten, Life, and others while listening to patriotic music.  This is usually when extended family visit – and to my intense joy, my little brother who lives in Texas showed up unexpectedly!  What a delightful suprise!!

To finish our celebration, we watch the fireworks show put on by the Lions Club, plus any the neighbors are enjoying.  😉

We are so blessed to have our freedoms – the right to free speech, bear arms, to peaceably assemble,  the right to raise our children in truth and righteousness, to have education, and especially to worship God with dignity, respect and in the open.  These are not freedoms that we should allow to erode away through neglect and apathy.  I hope that we are involved in making our voices known and appreciate the sacrifices that went into giving us these rights.

Our freedoms are truly worth celebrating!

What are some of your traditions?  What are you most thankful for this year as you reflect on your blessings and freedoms?  I’d love to know, so leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!!

  1. Connie Yeates

    We usually have some sort of family time. We had most of our family together for a BBQ. No fireworks though. They all got canceled.This year, I am particularly grateful for firefighters who are willing to wear the hot clothes and gear in 100 degree weather and fight fires. I am also grateful for cool breezes, my family-both immediate and extended, the gospel, flowers and little critters, birds that sing, and this blog!

  2. sheraz2011 Post author

    I am very glad that there are heros in 100+ weather in heavy hot gear! So thankful that you didn’t have to evacuate! Thanks for the kind words. =)

  3. Pauline Wallace

    I am so glad you sent me this and introduced me to blog. I am so amaze at all you are doing as afamily this summer. Hope it continues to be so successful. ‘.

    My Love, Aunt PaulvA

  4. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    Our 4th of July was very quiet, but I have given a lot of thought to the blessings of our country and our constitution. It’s very dear to me. So is my family! :Love you all so much!


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