Literature and Drawn Narrations – A Great Combo in our School

Last school year, we enjoyed several classic literature selections by way of  audiobooks*, including Black Beauty, PollyAnna, Heidi, The Railway Children, A Christmas Carol, and others.  I read aloud The Magician’s Nephew, The Adventures of Blacky Crow, 101 Dalmations (the real one, not the Disney story) and many others.  They are wonderfully engaging stories that fairly beg “just one more chapter, please” every time we listened or read.  Quite often there was another chapter because I was just as involved as the girls!

To help keep the kids focused on the books since we often listened during lunch, I allowed them to draw after eating while listening to the stories.  (I don’t generally ask for a narration of these books – we enjoy them and discuss them without being overly formal about it).   My girls are prolific artists…and they are very good at it.  I have stacks of treasures I don’t want to throw away because they are amazing glimpses of my children’s minds and feelings. The problem is that there are so many…everywhere!  =)

I thought about this for awhile and realized that I can solve a lot of my problems by creating what we are calling our “Drawn Narrations of Classical Literature”.

This is another of those handy sketch pads from Walmart again, complete with a ModgePodged cover designed by the girls.  I will have them divide the pages into fourths so the book can hold many illustrations.  This is the book they will draw in while we listen to the stories…they are only to draw about something in the story…and when it is full they will have a keepsake of  their illustrated scenes from Classical Literature.  I am eager to start school this year just so we can use these books!

*These audiobooks and thousands more are available free from  For a slight yearly fee for organizing these and more by topic, I get audiobooks at as well.


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