HorseyBug’s 11th Birthday!

We recently celebrated HorseyBug’s 11th birthday and wanted to share some of the fun!

Here are some of the presents she was most excited about:

Grandma’s doll that she played with in the 1940-50’s is now HorseyBug’s who cherishes it and has already had fun playing with it, dressing it and putting it to bed.  Thank you, Grandma – for the heritage and links that bind our families together in wonder and love!

A new outfit for her American Girl doll, complete with the cutest little hat – thanks to Aunt M.  (Click on the picture to see it up close.)

And let us not forget the ever-present love of horses…

There are two people in there dressed in their dressage clothes.  She has already named the girl after a friend who does dressage.  =)


2 thoughts on “HorseyBug’s 11th Birthday!

  1. lovetheshires

    We love this, our daughter had a set similar to that when she was younger…she had so much fun with all.


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