Passion Flowers

HorseyBug found this in our back yard.  I looked it up in our Missouri Wildflower book, and it is called a Passion Flower, Maypops.  It is really quite pretty up close.  Under the stem of fruit (the egg shaped things above the fringy petals) is a beautiful delicate shade of pink that the picture is not showing.

The fringed petals are very intriguing.   Under those are the leaves, but those look more like traditional petals to me.

I love these nature study moments.  I didn’t even have a clue what kind of flower this was.  It is pretty funky, but really neat.  We took good pictures.  (I love that we have such handy items as cameras – it makes a CM education so much easier!  Nature study drawings at the table are so much easier with the little girls.  We did observe it in it’s natural habitat first, so I think that it still counts.  lol)

This beautiful flower reminds me of flirty ballet skirts on dancing ballerinas.  =)


2 thoughts on “Passion Flowers

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    I think that flower got its start from a pot that must have been dumped out on the ground. Do passion flowers grow naturally in Missouri? Just curious.

    1. sheraz2011 Post author

      It was in the MO wildflower book, so even if it was not original, it is now. =)

      I am thinking about putting a roof on the deck and letting a couple of those vines serve as blinds. lol


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