The Path To Our 2012-2013 History Curriculum – Ancient Greece and Rome

I love the Simply Charlotte Mason History Modules.  They are use wonderful living books, they set Bible history in concurrent world history, and they tie geography into the mix as well.  The SCM module guides give us the Bible chapters to read and narrate everyday.  They do not teach doctrine or really give much direction of the purpose of the narrative read – as in what does this teach us?  What do we learn? How do we apply it to our life?  That is left to the parents…and that is why I love them so much.  They also include really neat treasures of books about Ancient Egypt and the culture and life back then – over 3,500 years of history.  We just finished Module 1 – Genesis thru Deuteronomy and Ancient Egypt.  I have never enjoyed or learned so much in such a great way.  I can’t wait to re-visit that Module in a few years with the older books!

My dilemma is this:  There are 6 Modules that are supposed to be rotated twice through a child’s homeschool life.   We, unfortunately, did not start homeschooling until our oldest were in 3rd and 4th grade, respectively.  We cannot cover all the Modules as suggested by SCM due to time.  We had such an amazing experience with Ancient Egypt that I don’t want to skip any of them, and yet I want the older girls to have time to get enough college-bound credits for their transcripts.  (I also want to make sure that they are introduced to some ancient civilizations before we start picking and choosing what needs to be on a high school transcript!)

Here is how it is working for me now: This year will be Ancient Greece and Rome.  Next will be Ancient China, Asia, America and LDS Church History.  Then we will pick up with SCM Module 4, SCM Mod 5 and 6.  We will also be studying economics and government.  And we probably will start to revisit the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans with the younger kids by then. 😉

For our family spines we will be using the Memoria Press version of Famous Men of Greece text and Famous Men of Rome text.  I found the Memoria Press ones were full of richly colored illustrations, and I found them on recorded as free audiobooks (this saves my voice and allows a bit of wiggle room for tweaking schedules).  We are using the SCM Modules 2 and 3 to guide us through the individual grade level additional reading assignments of living books after our family spine time.  For geography we will be using the book, A Child’s Geography Vol. 2 : The Holy Land,  and alongside the Bible, the LDS Church’s  Primary Manual 6 – Old Testament.   I am thankful that after a lot of prayer, searching and pondering on how to combine the Modules into shorter time frames, the answer came while I was painting a bookcase. =)  It all laid itself out cleanly before me, and I knew that this is what the Lord had in mind for our school year.  I will be heavily relying on the SCM Module 2 guide as you can tell from my schedule below.  (All I really did was cut the year in half –  It will work for us.)

As Mr. Bug and I are learning about the learning needs of our children, our concern has been how to teach our children to REALLY use the scriptures…not just to read and know the stories to recite back to any one who asks, although that is important.  But using this manual gives us a chance to also see the bigger picture of these prophet’s lives.  Using the Primary manual as a guide to the most important lessons of the prophet’s lives, I have the opportunity to share my testimony and teach my girls to pick out the lessons in the scriptures for us to learn, how to look at the lives in scripture and know how to apply those principles and lessons in our personal lives – often in profound, private ways – and all in a way that they can relate to and remember.

This is another one of my Tender Mercies – after all, the relationships the children make with the scriptures is one of the most critical to their desire to hear, follow and love our Savior, Jesus Christ.   For me, this is an excellent way to help my children form that special bond.  That is one reason I am so excited about our finalized Bible, History, geography and Character plans for 2012-13.   You can see the plan for Ancient Greece here:  Mod 2 Resource List and Guide PDF.    Ancient Rome will be coming soon.


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