Our First Girls Camp Experience

How does this happen???  She was just a little girl yesterday!!!

Monday, June 18

JitterBug left Monday morning for Girls Camp for a week.  She was pretty excited, but really nervous.  Camping is not her comfort zone (yet).  I was nervous because of the food allergies, but her leader promised to be vigilant in watching out for her and asked (okay, allowed) me to send an extra cooler with her special foods in it.  She even told me she would personally make sure it had fresh ice everyday.  I really hope that JitterBug has fun.

Friday, June 22

Camp was a Successful Venture for her.  She was so cute.

Her leaders shared a really cool story with me.  The girls were playing a game whose name wasn’t bad (Big Bootie), but wasn’t very tasteful either (kind of vulgar or common).  She doesn’t talk like that and was uncomfortable with it.  She refused to say it, and was under a huge amount of peer pressure to change.  She was sticking to her guns – and the girls finally realized that she was serious.  They rallied around her and changed the name of the game.  Everyone had a great time and before camp was over, the other wards were using the new name.  The leaders told me that before she did this, some of the girls were being turkeys about participating and getting along.  By sticking to her ideals, JitterBug helped the whole camp unite and become one.  Even one of her leaders told me that she had been uncomfortable with the game, and realized that it was because of the name.

To stand up for yourself in an unfamiliar situation is hard.  To do it when you are a new 12 year old at Girls Camp is astounding.

I am so pleased that she has that kind of resolve and dedication.

And yes, she wants to go back!


3 thoughts on “Our First Girls Camp Experience

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    For a ‘new girl’ on her first experience at girls’ camp that was a truly courageous thing to do. I am proud of her also. I think that it was another of the tender mercies of the Lord made manifest. We were all praying that Jitterbug (and her two newly 12 year old cousins, who also had their first experiences at other girls’ camps) would have a great time. More prayers answered!

  2. Connie Yeates

    Jitterbug and her cousins weren’t the only ones who had new camp experiences. I was able to go as YW pres and be a leader for the first time. It was a lot of work, but oh it was fun. I, too, am looking forward to it next year! Jitterbug, I am proud of you for standing up to the other older girls. It usually only takes one to get the ball rolling, but it is scary to be the one! Good job! Did she certify? I think it is so cool that we teach the girls some useful survival skills. What kind of camp was it? We leaders had to sleep in a tent while the girls slept in a cabin. The cabin only had bunk frames in them so it wasn;t very luxurious,

  3. sheraz2011 Post author

    Okay – they slept in tents on the ground. There were port-a-potty bathrooms and no showers. They had to swim to get “clean” =) She certified as far as I know – they said yes, but I haven’t seen the book. They continued the theme of “Happily Ever After” (talk/book by President Uktdorf) and she is eating it up. On their last night there, she bore her testimony during the meeting and then everyone released 100 balloons, a la Tangled. She loved it.


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