Planning and Keeping Records for a School Year

This is an update of an old post here.  I’m just adding pictures to make it easier to visualize.  Please note: these steps are done after you have chosen your curriculum and books for your year.  You can click on the picture for a better view.

Step 1 – Make a weekly schedule of when you are doing each subject.  I made a table in Word and typed in my final draft.  I printed it and laminated it.  (And added a pretty background I got at

Step 2 – You put this in the most convenient spot you can see, whether that is the frig or a notebook.  I choose my 3 ring binder because this is where I keep my records and track our progress.

Step 3 – I used 2 sets of 8 Tab Dividers to keep track of our subjects – we typically have about 15 subjects going at some point in the school year.  I labeled each tab and placed it in the 3 ring binder.  My most used subjects are up front (history), less used in the back (Shakespeare).

Step 4 – Copy the Table of Contents (TOC), the List of Chapters or the Title Page for each book chosen.  In  one of my books, the stories weren’t listed so I wrote them down on the copied Title Page.  I chose to make a little line by each entry to help look official and keep track of where we were.  Place the TOC in the appropriate subject dividers.

Step 5 – Daily Use:  Use the master schedule you printed in Step 1 to see your schedule.  As you do  each subject (or at the end of the day) jot the date (6/19/12) by the chapter.  I use a bookmarker in each book so I know where we are, and typically save time by marking my TOC’s  all a once.  Keep a pencil in the note book and you are good to go every day.  No re-writing your plans.  No stress.

Step 7 – At the end of the year, transfer your TOC’s  to your permanent record storage and get ready for the new year.

For individual students, I made notebooks just like mine (in smaller folders) and printed up weekly check-off lists for them.  It helped me to make sure that their records were current.


6 thoughts on “Planning and Keeping Records for a School Year

  1. Jennifer

    Coming over from SCM. Love your method of record keeping! Here I’ve been, trying to create something ridiculously elaborate, making more work for myself, and your plan is so simple but totally does the job 🙂 *This* is what I’ll be doing now, so thank you!

  2. sheraz2011 Post author

    I had spent years trying to figure something more elaborate out, too. After the using the SCMO, it dawned on me that this is what they were really doing, so this evolved out of that. Glad that it will help you. =)

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  4. michele

    This is great, just found this and wondering why I never thought of it. Hahaha One question I have for you. Do you print of the toc for each lit. book for each child and place them all together under the lit. tab? Do you remember who is reading each book or do you write their name at the top? Thanks.

    1. sheraz2011 Post author

      I write the names at the top because I want to keep these as part of my permanent records. You can put them all under the same tab, or you could make a tab for each child with their subjects separate from each other. I think that might be easiest because of the time spent constantly looking for a particular page.


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