Adding a birdbath…

My backyard is an empty palate waiting to be filled with color and life.

Blick Clear Acrylic Palette

On the downside, there are:

NO trees (they had to be cut down as they were dangerous and breaking in the wind and storms) –

NO bushes (those were part of the tree damages) –  and

nowhere to provide any protection for birds or other animals.

On the upside, there are:

some flower beds that need to be cleaned out and replanted –

a large garden plot that is fenced in to protect it from deer  =) –

lots of perennials that need some TLC – and

some ugly old stumps that will be there for awhile.

Those stumps are going to serve as my Nature Tables for a while, at least while I am trying to figure out a plan for that empty palette.

We want to enjoy those birds and little animals again.  To do that we have to have things in place that will attract them.

Here is our cheap  (ugly, lol)  but very effective birdbath:

This is simply an old serving tray with a tall lip side (about an 1 1/2 tall) that we found at the Salvation Army for $1.50.

We leveled it out on the stump with some wood pieces.

Then we placed a couple of rocks in it to provide a place to stand and to hold it down in the wind.

Next we filled it with water.  It was clean at first, but the wind and the birds don’t seem to leave it that way very long.

In less than 5 hours we had guests:

Note the robin hiding in the grass behind the stump.

This silly looking plate is a very busy, popular spot in our yard. =)


One thought on “Adding a birdbath…

  1. Connie Yeates

    I am going to get a bird bath out. I have had many enjoyable moments listening to the birds singing. Last year, we kept hearing a chicken. I knew all mine were in the coop. I even went walking towards the sound trying to figure it out. This year, I hear it even more. One day, driving down the driveway, I saw a prairie chicken fly off. We have a resident pair on the other side of the pond. It is a noisy pair. They sound quite similiar to the chickens in the coop, but with a bit deeper sound. I have a pair of orioles making a nest in a tree by the pond too!


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