A Black Walnut Tree Nature Study

I finally got around to weeding the hostas that had wintered over in pots.  I pulled up a couple of walnuts that were growing into trees.  It was quite fun – BittyBug saw me and got all excited.  She hollered for JuneBug and was pleased to show her “her shells”.  (JuneBug has recently started to collect walnut shells the squirrels leave behind.)  These particular nuts had been buried and forgotten by the squirrels.  However, this turned into an awesome unplanned nature study.

Here is what they looked like:

We all got our Nature Journals and drew the seedlings, labeling all parts, adding color and the common and scientific name (thanks to our handy little guide book).

 Here are JitterBug and HorseyBug’s entries:


4 thoughts on “A Black Walnut Tree Nature Study

  1. sheraz2011

    I was pretty happy. I enjoy finding the things that are all around us and making them interesting. =) They will probably never forget what it looks like now. Funny thing is that it looks very similar to our lima beans growing in a bag when they were little. We didn’t know about Charlotte Mason or Nature Journals then, so seeing the difference in the interest levels with the journaling is exciting.

  2. Connie Yeates

    I love learning about the little things around us like that. It makes the big picture that much more interesting. When you start to recognize the little things and the cycles they go through, you realize that there is always something going on. I have been discovering for the last few years when certain plants come, their different growing cycles, the different flowers etc. I love watching for birds coming back in the spring. In the fall, we wait and watch for the sandhill cranes that fly overhead.


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