Week in Review 5-4-12

We are trying to finish up the last few lessons in quite a few subjects, and so we are working hard, occasionally doubling up on a lesson or two so we can get it done.

We finished Grammarland (yea!!!), worked on classifications of reptiles and amphibians, read our stories and did our other regular work, had a great nature study (look for the post) and had a birthday party for the deaf gentleman from church.

 Some fun things:

JitterBug made a sugar cube temple in a Young Women class…she gathered her sponsors for the 4th Annual 5k Fun Run fundraiser for girls camp, and spent a lot of time in her books.

HorseyBug illustrated some stories she wrote (she is quite the artist), read her books, and helped babysit while we were working on the sponsors of the Fun Run.

As we  listened to “The Railway Children” JitterBug and HorseyBug were working on their handicraft of cross-stitching some dish clothes.

JuneBug insisted on “sewing” too.

BittyBug enjoyed blowing bubbles.


2 thoughts on “Week in Review 5-4-12

  1. Connie Yeates

    I love the look of concentration on Junebug’s face as she sews! I am enjoying following your studies and love the pictures. Give the Bugs a hug form me.


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