Keeping our baskets of preschool/easy reader books tidy

We have had a fish tank our entire married life…almost 15 years now.

That stand is ugly.

I had Mr. Bug  cut a board to fit the bottom shelf since we weren’t going to have two fish tanks going.

First we tried a hamster cage for the girls.  That went away after I decided that it was much too expensive to spend money on live cat snacks.  GROSS and heartbreaking…I admit freely that I cried over the last one.  So off to the niece went the hamster stuff.

When we moved last month, we got a couple new bookcases that fit by it very well.   I like the way the bookcases incorporate the stand into being part of the furniture.  It’s probably the best it has looked since we had the silly thing.  =)

Now we are homeschooling, and that wasted space adds nicely to our schooling atmosphere.  I found that basket set at Lowe’s and use them to change out our smaller books to encourage the girls to find new books, new interests, and keep needed books close to hand, yet contained and out of the way.

The books in the basket on the life are readers like The Pokey Little Puppy, Johnny Lion, Little Bear and Danny and the Dinosaur, and many, many others of that sort.  (I really like Syd Hoff’s books, BTW.)  JuneBug and BittyBug love to listen to these books – and then study the pictures.

The basket in the center under the fish tank is oversize books, easy books, and of general interest to the preschoolers in the house.

The books in the basket in the right are lots of our science readers.  These are handy, informative, and easy enough to make reading successful for my struggling reader.

However, one thing they all have in common:  the books are easily switched to invite perusing often by everyone.

You never know which book will spark a complete interest in something new.


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