A Week in Review – 4/28/12

I had to recharge the camera batteries so I could post the pictures.  I couldn’t remember where I stashed the charger when we moved.  (It was on the shelf under my desk…sigh) LOL  So here are some things we did the week ending April 28, 2012:

As a family, this week we have finished

  •  an eight week Rembrandt art study, including a brief biography and his works – 8 in particular
  •  The Magician’s Nephew (Narnia book)

Highlights of some things we worked on:

  • JitterBug and HorseyBug saw a fox during our Nature Walk/Study on Thursday, and we all saw the minnows leaping out of the creek to catch their dinners.  The flowering thorny bushes were beautiful.  We identified a hawthorn tree.
  • Listened to more of our read-aloud literature book The Railway Children, Enjoyed the music of Beethoven, and Read a retelling of Anderson’s Fairy Tales “Five in One Pod”
  • worked on memorizing Matthew 25:40 – I think some practical applications of this scripture are in order. =)
  • Reviewed the Classifications with in the Animal Kingdom – and the attribute of each Class prior to our visit to the Zoo on Friday.


  • Science reading: finished Venus and is reading The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse 
  • History reading: Farmer Boy
  • Leisure reading: finished  Sara Crewe – She personally chose to start A Midsummer Night’s Dream and has almost completely finished it this week.  We do oral narration for most of these, next year she will begin a lot more written narrations.  (I am not reporting on other books read for fun on this blog).
  • Her flute practice is going well – she sounds really good, but she stresses over the lessons because she hates to be corrected on anything.  I have thought about quitting them, but she needs to have another talent learning opportunity and if for no other reason, she needs to learn how to deal with the criticism thing.  (Her teacher is great, btw, and not unreasonable – I am there during the lessons).


  • Science Reading – she finished Saturn this week, and is working on Lightfoot the Deer
  • History Reading – a biography of George Washington Carver
  • Leisure Reading  – Shiloh, a story about a boy and dog, being true to yourself and others

She still struggles with APD, so it takes her more time to get some of these things done.  She is doing remarkably well and has progressed quite well as we look back on this journey.

JuneBug  decided she WANTS to participate with the big girls, so it is not unusual to see her spread out her “work” on the table too.  She has started trying to memorize the scripture with us, “sing” out of the hymnal, and anything else she can participate physically in.  Fun.

BittyBug still comes and goes, which is fine.  They both love to be with us, so I know that they are learning a lot just by being there.

Together for their “school” , they worked on the letter A  – sounds and recognition, read some stories from James Herriot’s Stories for Children and some Beatrice Potter stories.  We sang songs, counted items in our stories, watched the fish on our nature walk, discovered the robins nest because of all the eggs with birds in them on the ground…dumb stray cats… =(  They  spent many hours with scissors, glue, foam and papers at the bar doing both directed and free style activities.  They enjoyed LeapFrog’s Phonics Farm, and we read other stories.


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