We made a bird feeding station!

I don’t have anywhere to hang my feeders.  We have several and all of us like to watch the birds.  I wasn’t sure where to put them since we have no trees and not a lot of running around area for the kiddos.

I do know a couple of things…

1.  I don’t want the feeders in the garden area.  That ends up being a lot of  extra weeding.  Ugh.

2.  I do not want to mow around bunch of poles.

3.  It needs to be inviting to the birds and have somewhere for them to “hide” or sit.

4.  It needs to be easily seen and easily accessible to fill and clean.

After thinking about what we have and what we want, this seemed like a good temporary solution while we plan the new backyard to meet our needs.

Using what we already had until we know what and where we want, this is what we did:

We took 2 fence posts and a piece of re-bar (used in cement laying) and some baling wire.

We pounded the posts in the flower bed in the back by the cement retaining wall.  We wired the rebar to the posts.  Then we hung three screw links on the bar and used those to secure the bird feeders to the rebar.

The birds love it.

I love it – the “mess” is contained in the flower bed (unless you pour it all over the lawn…argh!)  It is so easy and enjoyable to sit on the patio and watch the kids and enjoy the birds.

The next place we have feeder is on the old stumps.  The plate is one we bought at Salvation Army for $1.00.  We are using it to feed the blue jays and the cardinals.  Right after JuneBug and I placed it on the stump, we watched a cardinal swooping back and forth between the neighbors fence and the other neighbors tree,  singing and wanting the seeds, calling to us to leave so he could eat.  JuneBug thought it was great fun.  =)  So do the squirrels.

These are just sitting on the old stump by the patio – a fun place for the little sparrows.


3 thoughts on “We made a bird feeding station!

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    I love how you hung your bird feeders. We have a humming bird feeder up and filled, but no humming birds yet. We have a little bird that sings its heart out some days – really a beautiful little song. I could never find the bird. Someone told me it was a house finch. The other day on one of our walks along the canal, I saw the bird just singing away and, sure enough, it was a male house finch. = ) We also have a duck family on the canal now: a mallard pair with eleven babies!!! Those little tiny ducks have to work like mad to go upstream. Their little legs go so fast and are so short that the ducklings almost look like they are running on the water. = )

  2. Connie Yeates

    I love to watch my little finches eating at the suction cup feeders on the doors. I was afraid they weren’t going to hold, but they do. It is kind of messy, but they also eat off the floor. We had a cat try once to get a bird. She quickly discovered that glass doesn’t work well with claws. She must have climbed up the side and hopped over. When we saw her, she was hanging on with the front paws and back paws were sliding slowly down. I tried to get a picture, but as I got outside I saw her desperately grab at the footrest with her teeth and the down she went. She hasn’t tried it since. The birds came back as soon as she was off.I have hummingbirds now too. The mockingbird is fun to listen too. It is so fun to hear the birds when Sean goes to work. They are so energetic.


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