Simple Built in Bookcase

I  love to be surrounded by books, and am always looking for more space for them.

This built in bookcase was so simple and easy to make.

You know that “dead space” at the end of your hall by the bedroom doors you don’t know what to do with?   I hated the mirror that was in mine and needed some more space for my tubs of  paperback books.

First, I measured the space between the wall and the door jamb.  In this instance it was 5 3/4″  inches or so.   Then I measured  the width of the space at 36″.   Perfect for a 1×6 board to fit.

Then I pulled out my paperback books and measured the spines.  Normal size ones fit on a 8″ tall shelf, and taller ones need about 9″.

I measured how tall the wall was from ceiling to floor and divided that by the height of my shelves to see how many shelves would fit.

I cut 4 boards to 9 inches,

16 boards to 8 inches,

 and 10 boards to 36 inches.

Assembling the bookcase is simple:

Place one 36″ piece on top of the baseboard.  Stand a 9″ board piece on either side, flush with the wall.  Lay a 36″ shelf piece on those.  Stand the other 9″ boards flush on the wall on the shelf, add another 36″ piece.  Continue on until all pieces are up.

Then I painted it, let it dry and put up my books.  It makes me happy to see my old friends waiting for me to join them again.  =)

If you try this:

1.  You need to measure your own wall space and cut the wood accordingly.  I have done this twice and both houses were different on their measurements.

2.  I had Lowe’s cut my wood to have straight lines.  It is annoying to have wobbly shelves because the board is not cut straight.  lol

3.  Depending on your shelves, you may need to caulk before painting.


2 thoughts on “Simple Built in Bookcase

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    These bookcases really do look great at the end of the hall! They sort of draw you to them. I always wanted to “check out’ a book or two … sort of like the library. = )

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