The new birdhouse is up and full!

We had another blue bird house that we bought last year for the other house.  We didn’t get it hung, so when we moved it came with us.  We put it up last Saturday and it is already occupied.  How fun is this??

That white looking string is actually grass hanging out of it.

And who moved in?

No one else but these cheerful little guys I watched and listened to this morning as they sat on the  fence and sang their little air sacs out!


3 thoughts on “The new birdhouse is up and full!

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    Bluebirds!! They are so much fun to have around – and so pretty. I love the little flash of blue when the sun hits their feathers. It may be good that you don’t have so many trees – otherwise most of this action would be taking place in a leafy tree-top where they would be much harder to see. = )

  2. Connie Yeates

    They really stand out here. I can even tell by how they fly if I can’t see the blue. We have a couple that nest around here every year. I love their little cheerful songs.


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