Making it my home…

Since Mom and Dad and Mr. Bug and I legally bought each others houses, we know what they looked like for the other family.  It has been kinda hard on both of us to watch the other make needed changes for their circumstances.  One of the things that really helped me feel like this was my home was when we brought up our outdoor furniture.

Mom and Dad had a fabulous hosta garden for years in the front that thrived because they had a great shade tree (and they watered the hostas, lol).   While they served their mission, most of those hostas died.

I moved the hosta containers around and placed my bench and table in front of the house so it would be in the shade.  I added a couple of “bugs” and welcome sign.  Here’s what it looks like:

The plan is to get either bricks or cement in underneath it all, but in the meantime, I guess I’ll need to do some weeding.  =)  It added some fun color and interest to the front, and it is rather inviting to sit and visit on.

In the back, I put the small table and chair outside the kitchen window on the deck.  There is a plant on the table that is easily seen from that window and adds some “nature” to my day.

On the other side of the deck in the corner are the planters waiting for flowers (it is still pretty chilly at night for flowers) and a shepherd’s crook with a new bird feeder on it.  The flowers and bird feeder will be visible from the window as we sit at the bar.

Being proactive about inviting the colors of nature, the birds and butterflies has really improved my mood and attitude.  There really is something to being outside in the sun.  =)


One thought on “Making it my home…

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    It really looks great now that the plants have grown more and provide that beautiful green. I enjoyed the little visit we had while sitting on the bench before we moved! I’ll bet the little table and chairs look equally inviting on the deck. = ) Love, Mom


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