More Shakespeare, anyone??

As part of our Charlotte Mason approach to our education, we are studying Shakespeare.  It is so interesting and fun…we just finished A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  We started out reading and listening to the children’s version found in Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children, edited by E. Nesbit.   It is available in book and audio form.  Then we enjoyed reading a few scenes out loud together with our inexpensive copies from Dover.  We culminated our study by watching the BBC version with Helen Mirren and others in it.

JitterBug loved it.  She enjoyed it so much that she is reading it on her own…

She even sits at the bar where she has made a stage outline and some little figures and moves them around with the story.  She told me that helps her keep it straight in her head.

And, best of all – she is begging me for MORE SHAKESPEARE!


One thought on “More Shakespeare, anyone??

  1. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    The girls seem to be enjoying this so much that I am wanting to read some Shakespeare myself! Way to go, Mama Bug (?) !


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