Were the bar stools worth it?

This was another change that we added to the house.  In all the years that Mom and Dad lived here, there was never any bar stools.  I thought that maybe we would be able to use them – the littles could eat breakfast while the older were using the table for school.  We set them up and nobody touched them for a month.

I was starting to wonder if I wasted the money.

Then this week the girls discovered them!

JitterBug sat up a desk there – doing her schoolwork, reading her scriptures, and working on her Personal Progress.

HorseyBug spent several days doing her school work, writing a book and illustrating it, and generally being ‘artsy”.

JuneBug and BittyBug painted with their watercolors and colored and glued the foam shapes.

Maybe this should just become an art center and forget the food.  lol


2 thoughts on “Were the bar stools worth it?

  1. Connie Yeates

    Sounds like a fun area to be. My kids liked to use the bar in our old home for everything but eating! I like all the projects that have you have pictured. If Jitterbug gets a chance, have her tell me what she likes about YW.

  2. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    So glad the bar is proving to be “worth it” along with the stools. I love the way you have managed to make the space and “appointments” work for your needs!


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