Sometimes He uses…part 3

We have several birdhouses.  This particular one was already  in the house when we moved and so it was literally was moved from room to room, shelf to shelf for several weeks.

This house is intended for bluebirds, who prefer a house in the open, with a little place to sit and check for predators before going “home”, and like it about 5 feet off the ground.

When I was tired of moving it, the garden fence was finally back up.   So HorseyBug and I had a Bird Day.  =)  We hung this on the fence post of the garden fence.

Less then 6 hours later we noticed our new occupants:

Definitely not a blue bird…

but a very industrious little sparrow!

If you look close you can see the little head peeking out of the hole.

We had spent the day before hunting for the birdbath stuff and getting the food for the bird feeders (all those things are separate posts).  Then all of us, but especially Horsey Girl and I got busy and spent the morning DOING things for our science/nature study needs.  It was so fun, relaxing and pleasant.  I cannot fully express my joy and satisfaction of this day.

 He promised not to forget even the little sparrows.

 Sometimes He uses birds and birdbaths to remind us that we can make the best of what we have –  

and it is a perfect moment and life-lesson. 


2 thoughts on “Sometimes He uses…part 3

  1. Connie Yeates

    Want to help those birds build their nests? They love hair and string and yarn. We had an oriole weave a nest in our tree using a bright red string. It was fun to see it waving in the wind. Kind of made me sad to see the nest fall out of the tree after a couple of years. I have suction cup bird feeders on my doors and have loved watching the little finches come and eat. I am waiting for my little warriors to come for the summer. The hummingbird feeders are out and ready. This morning on the way to school, I rolled the windows down so I could hear the happy meadowlarks singing. Birds and flowers are my favorite!

  2. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    We have a couple or two of sparrows that have been building a nest in th awning of Grandpa’s patio. We see them bringing materials (alas it was plastic bag, today), but they are hidden inside the awning and so we can’t see the progress. There is a pair of mallards on the canal. We should get to see some ducklings soon. I would love to go out to Antelope Island or up to the bird refuge, but I don’t think anyone here is particularly interested. Maybe Julie will be later after all the major YW events are over. = )


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