Sometimes He uses… part 2

It was shortly after Mom and I had had our little talk on homesickness, and I was still feeling blah and unhappy about the lack of flowers and color in our new yard… (although it was still winter, it FELT like spring, darn it!)  In the midst of all the packing, sorting, and scrambling to “get it all done”  that we noticed these beautiful wild violets on the hill by house.

Sometimes He uses violets as a gentle reminder that He is control, and He hasn’t forgotten me or my needs.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes He uses… part 2

  1. Connie Yeates

    isn’t it wonderful how little things in nature are such a source of joy and happiness? I love having the windows open in good weather so that I can enjoy the songs of the birds. Even the discovery of little flowers make my day. I found tiny ones by accident the other day weeding. It was a good day already, but to see those tiny little blue flowers made me smile even more. They are so little they would fit inside the middle of this o!

  2. Mary Jo Rasmussen

    It is still spring here – there are even some tulips still blooming. Grandpa said I could plant flowers. He would especially like perennials. So I need to do a little research about kinds that do well here. I think I need to go find a little clump of flowers somewhere – I am missing familiar things and could use a bit of that kind of pick-up. We did go to the temple today and visited Daryl – who said the only thing he has left is his family relationships. He can’t do any of the other things he loved. But he is not down about it. Uncle Joe and Aunt Margaret are in the same center. Uncle Joe would like to go home…. Although it is a boon to have Daryl and Bonnie there too.


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