Organizing and Keeping Our Daily Schedule

Below: this is what our weekly schedule (generally) looks like.  It works very well for us. I made a Weekly Check-Off List for each child to have as a guide to be more independent.  It also serves as a record of what we are accomplishing.

Family – Over the course of the week, we cover the following subjects:

Scriptures – Scripture Memory – Family Home Evening – Hymn Study – Hymn Practice – History & Book of Centuries – Geography & Map Drill – Science – Nature Study & Nature Walks – Literature –  Poetry –  Shakespeare – Picture Study – Composer Study – Art & Drawing – Grammar – ASL Lessons – Handicrafts  & Life Skills

Jitterbug and  HorseyBug cover the following subjects:

Scripture Journaling – Faith in God & Personal Progress Activities – Copywork – Prepared Dictation – Free Reading – Chapter readings in History – Science – RightStart Math – Music Lessons/Practice – Life Skills (cook dinner, chores)

JuneBug and BittyBug – continue to work on letter sounds and recognition, numbers, reading stories with everyone, singing songs and outside time!

Using my master planning list for the year, I have chosen the books we are going to use. I needed a quick paper record of our studies, and finally, after a lot of trial and error, figured out a simple one with a lot of flexibility.

Here’s what I did:

1. Get a durable 3-Ring Binder with see through cover and 2 sets of the Avery 8 subject dividers.

2. Print a copy of your master schedule (the one that tells what subjects you are doing what days) and place in the front see through cover of the binder.

3. Place the dividers in the binders and label for all the subjects to be covered.

4. Make a copy (xerox) of the table of contents in each book, hole-punch them and place in binder behind each divider.

5. As we follow the laid out plans for the year, I simply jot down the date by the appropriate chapter on the list in my binder.  I also make a quick note of additional material used, etc. by the chapter title.

I made one for me for the family subjects and one for each girl.  I only print one check-off page per book per week. By doing this, I can easily see our progress, our attendance records, what books we have scheduled, and whether or not we need to tweak a part of the schedule for some reason.  Since school is in the morning and it isn’t over until we have completed all of our list, I don’t even have to be stressed about the clock and getting behind.  The other benefit:  I am not so easily distracted by the lure of the computer.

I don’t have to have the world’s biggest eraser and planning calendar anymore.  I love the simplicity!


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