Easter is coming…and I want to focus more on Christ

Mary and the Resurrected Jesus Christ

I love this picture of the Resurrected Christ appearing to Mary.  Love the details that help tell the story. This past week it dawned on me that EASTER(!) is right around the corner.  Where is this year going???

We have always enjoyed Easter with both Christ and the Easter Bunny.  The last couple of years have helped to re-think my focus and decide to focus on Christ much more, and less on the commercial aspect…egg hunts, bunnies, lots of candy, etc.  And I’ll be honest – the allergies are what really prompted me to start thinking about it.

Last year was no fun.  We can’t eat most candies due to the allergies, and hunting empty eggs is NOT as much fun.  Large empty baskets with a few skittles and jelly beans only emphasized the diet change.  Definitely not fun.  This year I am resolving that it will be different and much more special.

I am not against a celebration of spring alongside the Resurrection…after all, that is what spring signifies – triumph over death and renewal – but we must place our focus on the things that really matter.

I am getting rid of all our nice (and large) Easter baskets and getting some smaller 4 inch ones like you get at a florist.  I am getting rid of the 175+ plastic eggs we have for egg hunts.  I will keep enough eggs for everyone to have 2 or 3 apiece.  They will receive some small trinket and 2 eggs with some candy in it – and that candy will serve as a snack for watching the movie “The Lamb of God” and the new Bible Videos.  We might watch Ben-Hur that weekend as well.

Today I was hunting for some Easter things that would involve the kids and focus more on Christ and less on the bunny and candy as we head into the season.  I found this really neat Living Christ 30-Day Easter Countdown from a blog called Chocolate On My Cranium.  She even had a book to print about the Names of Christ for us fill out as we go.

I have printed these out and plan to use them – we will have to double up for a couple of days to catch up.  I think it will be worth the effort.


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