Our first “Official” Nature Walk of Spring

Oh, what a beautiful day this is – and how fabulous the Lord’s creations.  I decided that even though I am not completely settled in, I have company coming tomorrow and I could just sit and sleep for a week, we  were following my schedule and GOING for a Nature Study Walk.  We are out of the habit and no one wanted to go until I happened to mention the new binoculars in the Nature Study bag.  Then everyone was running for the car…and it was an amazing day!

First we were on the trail…and I heard a cardinal singing his heart out.  We couldn’t see him for a few minutes, but we patiently tracked him down!  He was sitting (hiding!) in a big brushy overgrown vine area.

Score one for us!

Second, right as we turned to go up the trail again, HorseyBug said that there was a squirrel in the tree about 5 feet in front of us…20 feet up.  We all halted again…staring at the cute little squirrel eating his nut and dropping the shells to the path in front.  We were close enough to hear them hit the ground.  When he was done, he literally took a flying leap…right into the tree next to him.  And then he did another leap  right over our heads to the left.  Even the little Bugs couldn’t miss that!

Score two for us!

Third, we were noticing the beautiful but tiny blue flowers growing everywhere.  As we round the corner, we gloried in the wondrous pink blossoms on the tree at the side of the trail.  So delicate – and so resilient – these were a bit larger than the blue striped flower.  They stood out – nothing else has anything more than the hint of buds on the tips of their branches.

Score three for us!


Fourth, we are walking alongside a creek, enjoying the sounds of birds singing, feeling the warmth of the spring sunshine, and I was listening to the eager chatting of all 4 girls when my eye was caught by movement in the trees across from the path.  A majestic hawk rose from his perch, flew up and started circling.  The sun was shining through his tail feathers…wow!

Score 4 for us!

Then we made it to the park area where we played for a bit.  On the way back we focused more on the creek – where the water was deeper there are the fish, etc…and collected our treasures.

Here is JuneBug’s: (she didn’t want to go because once we saw a snake, lol)

Here is BittyBug’s: (she was proud of her “fed-er” -uh, feather)

Is there a better way to enjoy your children and and the Lord’s creatures at the same time??


3 thoughts on “Our first “Official” Nature Walk of Spring

  1. Karen Tezen

    Love love the pictures of the things you saw, especially the forget-me-nots. What a great time for you guys. What a great day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Connie Yeates

    Aaaahhhh….there is nothing like spring and being outdoors! I have been noticing the little flowers and the birds singing too. The bluebirds and little housewrens are back. I heard a robin chirping the other day too. That was fun because we don’t have robins at our place-they go right on through!
    Loved your pictures!


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