E.B. White Takes On The Standardized Test…

This book is a favorite one for me from my childhood. In fact, it is one of the first books I ever bought, along with E.B. White’s “Stuart Little” and “Charlotte’s Web”.  It is a book chosen for our homeschool reading lists.  So this article caught my eye after finding it posted on a forum that I participate on.


I have to say discussion of standardized testing is interesting to me.  I find that there is not much middle ground – you either love the tests or you hate the tests.  And yet…as I am homeschooling my children I do want to keep an account of their progress in each subject.

This week we have had a few mid-term exams.  That sounds a little formal for my homeschool.  =) These were open-ended questions that allow each child to present her thoughts and ideas.  The exams included such things as: tell me all that they remembered about their favorite pharaoh in our Ancient Egyptian studies (history)…tell me the story of the baby Moses and why the Lord protected him (Bible)…and tomorrow we will work on our African continent map drills (geography).  Based on today’s papers I have for our records, I will be just as pleased tomorrow as I was today.

I love CM inspired homeschooling!


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