A Fun, Unexpected Moment…

I took some time this weekend to sit down and order a couple of living book list resources.  It turned into something interesting!

I have been making a list of all the literature/living book resource books listing living books to read for all ages and topics recommended by ladies on the Simply Charlotte Mason forum.  I got our taxes back a while ago and was ordering the things that I wanted/needed for the new year.

I  was on Amazon and ordered “Who Should We Then Read?” vol 1 and  vol 2 by Jan Bloom – noticing that one dealer was BooksBloom and was located in MO.  I ordered from that dealer and thought it might be the author.  A few minutes later I received an email from the author who asked if I had noticed we are from the same town, inviting me to pickup the books at her house, and she would refund my shipping money.

I went over to her house – talk about instant gratification on order fulfillment  (lol) – and got to meet Jan Bloom…she was very gracious and interesting!  (I found another person who has a map above the kitchen table and has bookcases all over the house…literally…and I was drooling over the one bookcase full of titles I could read…all books that are recommended here and ohhhh…and how about their inventory…I volunteered to get lost in there – LOL)  She and her husband travel to the conventions and sell the OOP / living books we all want.  She generousy offered to help find my list of hard to find books if I would email it to her…how cool is that??  I no longer feel so alone in my CM venture here.

I asked if I could share her advice on obtaining these books and she was happy to agree.  I usually order from Amazon, but she recommended that I use the search engine http://used.addall.com/ to find these books. She says that it searches over 40 places, and suggested that I would find much better prices for my books.

She made my weekend! =)

Here are the recommended resource books I ordered:

Who Should We Then Read? vol 1 and vol 2 by Jan Bloom (literature)

Books Children Love to Read by Elizabeth Wilson (children’s literature)

All Through the Ages by Christina Miller (history through literature)


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