I cannot function in chaos…

We just traded houses with my parents.  They are downsizing and we are “upsizing” – their house had a basement and ours did not.  So…we closed on the house about 2 weeks ago.  My life has been crazy busy for a month…and we only managed to do “full school” days for about a week.  I just finished putting up my maps and our most used school items on the shelves.  Check it out:

(Okay…I am not an expert photographer, but you get the idea, lol)

I had the opportunity to create a separate school room, but opted not to.  I spend so much time in the kitchen with our dietary needs (and larger family needs) that it is more practical for us to be at the kitchen table.  Our items not used this term are on other bookcases downstairs, in the closets, and anywhere I can stash them. =)

We don’t do all our school subjects at the table though – we start our day off on the couch snuggled up after family scripture study and prayer.  This is the time that we do a lot of our family subjects such as history, picture study, hymn study, scripture memorization, literature, poetry, composer study, Shakespeare, and occasionally math and science.  Nature study is usually outside, although in yucky weather I have been known to use a nature documentary.  The “Bugs” can choose a comfy spot to do their reading before narrating to me.

I am so excited to be (mostly) settled and ready for my daily routine!  I’ll let you know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “I cannot function in chaos…

  1. Connie Yeates

    That is a good looking setup! Isn’t is great to have more room?! It looks so inviting. Are you including Home Economic type stuff in your curriculum? I had a chat with some middle school teachers yesterday who were bemoaning the loss of those sorts of classes. I so wish I couild teach kids how to cook, sew, budget, etc. I loved cooking even from a young age. I believe that by Jitter’s age, I was helping with meals and other things.
    I almost wish my kids were young enough to do homeschooling again. I loved it and it sure helped me to learn! I would set it up similiar to yours! 🙂

  2. sheraz2011 Post author

    We have what we call chores, life skills, and handicrafts as subjects. All of which cover the “home ec” portion of education. =) They are cross-stitching, cooking, cleaning, and other things currently. I love homeschooling and watching my girls “get” it.


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